Impression – Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu, Episode 09


Episode 09 – “And Thus The Feast Ends”

Despite winning the 24 hour tournament, Yura is still riddled with guilt (well, more like concern) about the zombie incident. However, the others seem to doubt her confession, and even Rin says that there was no foul play to be had during the showdown. Though, I think it’s safe to assume that there is some ulterior motive for Rin to cover for Yura because they both obviously know that Yura committed a zombie play. If I was in Yura’s place though, I’d probably start to doubt myself with so many people telling me that I’m remembering incorrectly.


Sure, the club may have won, and as far as they know they did fair and square, but there’s still bad feelings between the members. Most of this is contributed to Yura’s change in attitude over the past few episodes, and Sonora’s return from the hospital doesn’t alleviate the issue any. The club is content with returning to having fun like it used to, and they refuse to do any more tournaments with Yura acting the way that she is. While I feel bad for Yura, I can understand where the rest of the girls are coming from. I don’t think any sport is worth giving up fun to win.

To put her doubts to rest, Yura visits Rin’s school to ask her about why she covered up her cheating and to challenge her to a rematch. We never see the results, but I think we can assume that Yura loses. Because of this, Yura tells Rin that she’s leaving the C3-bu to join Rin’s team, which is a plot twist that I was not expecting at all. This could have been Rin’s plan all along: to create animosity amongst the C3-bu so that Yura would join them instead.


One thing that I just noticed, which I probably should have noticed much earlier, is that once Yura started to get super-serious she stopped having her cool fantasies. I miss that. This episode, we learn that Rin and Sonora were trained under the same person. When he was killed, Rin believed that it was weakness that lead to his downfall. Since then, she refuses to show any signs of weakness and became the way she is now, and I think Yura is on that same path. Maybe there’s a way to save them both?


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