Impression – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, Episode 09

chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!








Well we hit the time skip and the beginning felt very anticlimactic after the way that episode eight ended. We find ourselves back at school where the group is getting ready for the cultural festival. Unfortunately, things have gotten pretty awkward between Yuuta and Rikka after the night that they spent together and everyone is beginning to notice that something isn’t right. When Rikka leaves for home without Yuuta, the gang starts asking questions. When Rikka thinks that the odd feelings that she is experiencing are a result of Yuuta being possessed, Nibutani has to set her straight. Now that Rikka is aware of her feelings, Nibutani sends her out to confess in various shoujo style ways. The many failed attempts that follow are pretty hilarious. Things get really bad when Rikka almost falls off of the roof of the school building and Yuuta has to catch her. The episode ends with our two main characters embracing. My God that was a wild episode. Luckily, the very obvious romance is being executed very impressively and this episode has my shipping heart beating out of my chest. Things seems to be coming to a close for these two even though the episode ended without a confession once again.

This person needed Yuuta around.

This person needed Yuuta around.










Current Opinion of the Show:

Chuunibyou is getting ridiculous. I am completely invested in the romance between Yuuta and Rikka and the continued cliffhangers are really starting to get to me. You know a show is good when it literally has you at the edge of your seat. I don’t know if I can wait any longer for these two kids to get together. I look forward to the actual confession and seeing what happens to the other characters that still exist in the story.

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