About Us

Welcome to Mahou Tofu~

mahou (魔法) adj. Magical, of or relating to sorcery

tofu n. A soft, bland, custard-like food product made from soybeans

Mahou Tofu is the place where three nerdy friends get together to share their opinions about nerdy things with the world. We like to write about things that we have seen or read, but are always open to recommendations. If you have any inquiries about the site or a request of something you would like to see, feel free to contact us at mahoutofu@gmail.com.

Requests should include the title of the work or subject, be relevant to the site (anime, comics, etc), and can be addressed to one of our writers (optional, but encouraged).

Banner sources: Celty, moped girl, Hatsune Miku, Kaga

The Writers:


My name is Daniel, and my two best friends dragged me back into the crazy shenanigans of the anime community.

This blog isn’t actually limited to just anime. My friends and I are pretty big on things like video games, comics, and films. I had the idea one night to start a site where the three of us could get our thoughts and opinions down on various topics that interested us and share them with the internet. Rather than making it an anime blog, we decided to broaden our scope and cover other things that interest us. Bronies, cats, and 4:1:2.5! You know, normal things.

I’m a huge sci-fi nut, which reflects a lot in the video games, anime, films, and books that I’m interested in.

Feel free to add me on MyAnimeList to see what anime I’m currently watching.

The experiment has kicked off, now let’s see where it takes us…



Hey folks, this is Bryan.

Uh…not really sure what to say other than I’m part of the trio that runs this site. What you’ll see from me will mostly be reviews and analyses of anime, video games (particularly old Nintendo games and JRPG’s), the occasional film, and maybe even some soundtracks! Discussions about the impact of visual media on society are interesting, too. Who knows? I’m playing all this by ear.

Oh, and I’ll also sign my articles with B.W.

What else… Here, have a cat.


Hello there everyone, my name is Will.

For the most part I would say that the three of us that are running this blog share a lot of interests so you will see us do pieces on a lot of the same things. However, I would say that my niche on this site will be the world of comics. I am a huge DC fan and you can expect stuff covering both the new and old from me. Also, I am a brony so try not to let that destroy your opinion of me.

Guest Writers:



Sup doods! My name is Duc, and I guess I’ll be hanging around here for a while.

For now, you can expect a few weekly impressions from me, but I’ll probably try to do more in the future! Like my other comrades, I am a fan of video games, anime, and stuff. Also, I should let you know that I like mechs.

Profile pic wordpresstheamazinghumanman:

The name’s Mike. I’m here to round out the writing staff here.

For as long as I’m able to be a part of this lovely blog, I plan to expand our comics, movies, and tv shows sections. Once in a while I may have something for the anime and video games sections too. So, yeah. I’m going to do everything here eventually. Hello. I love you.

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