Impression – Choujigen Game Neptune, Episode 11

Game Neptune







We just finished one war and two more pop up out of nowhere. Well, at least we got some answers. The client and goal of the big villain have been revealed and I only expected half of it. That level of surprise is honestly more than I expected and that makes me happy. Also, we got some funny parody stuff thrown in there as well.

I want to see more actual fighting.

Planeptune had a huge jump in shares after the Eden incident. Even though it was Noire and Plutia that did the heavy lifting, Neptune got a lot of credit for stopping the war. Unfortunately, the other countries saw a considerable drop in shares. Neptune wanted to celebrate her success with everyone, but the other goddesses were against it. Even in times of peace the countries are competing for shares. The little sisters are a little young to understand that, but shares are energy. The festival itself was going well for a while. Then, a call and a message changed everything. Neptune met up with Blanc after a phone call and a declaration of war was made. Apparently, the shares that Lowee lost seem to match the ones gained by Planeptune in number. Regardless of any ignorance that may be claimed by Neptune, Blanc is threatening war for continued illegal actions. Then, Noire found out that the activist was the client after a message from our favorite transvestite. That claim was proven true when it was revealed that said activist is an ancient CPU that is after the world. Neptune must fight this ridiculously powerful entity alone because all communications have been cut off. That won’t last for long if you ask me.

They will come.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am not sold yet, but I did enjoy this episode. There are a few reasons for this. The first is the answers that we got. The client being revealed was nice even though I am pretty uncaring regarding the identity. This is an after the fact feeling because I am not blown away by the ancient goddess thing. Is it a bad direction to take the series in? Not really, but I am just not feeling it. I did like the destruction that came along with it though. I would even say that we would be getting some real fighting if it wasn’t for the fact that this series will probably resolve this conflict in a very predictable way. What am I talking about? I think that the comment regarding outside help is foreshadowing that the other goddesses will show up and help. They won’t show up due to a warning, but because they feel bad. They are going to want to attend the festival and apologize to Neptune and they will arrive to a war zone with a bruised Neptune. The group will fight together and overcome the ancient goddess and a lesson about working together will be sent out.

That crystal wasn’t festival worthy for very long.

Aside from the conflict, I did enjoy the parody stuff. Lowee Sports was a nice thing that they added in there and I was laughing more than I should have when they mentioned it. Then we had the Sonic rings. That brought back some nice memories of older games and bad memories of recent ones. I just hope that Sonic Lost World is better becauseĀ I actually pre ordered that one. Back to the actual episode. The parody stuff doesn’t even need to be in your face like the Playstation Network hacking episode. That was entertaining, but the little references are enough to keep me entertained. I find the lack of simple jokes like these to be a very poor decision on the writer’s part. UtilizeĀ the concept behind your anime. I may have enjoyed some of the stuff in this episode, but that doesn’t mean that I am suddenly changing my opinion from the previous episode. I may not have hated this episode, but it hasn’t saved the series. There are still a lot of flaws in the series and they need to do stuff like this about six episodes ago.

How old are the goddesses?

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