Impression: Kotoura-san – Episode 03


Episode 03 – “So Happy, So Fun”

Life goes on for Kotoura, and the topic of Manabe’s poor diet comes into play this episode. Due to his accommodations at home, Manabe is forced to eat bread and convenience store lunches everyday. Not exactly the most healthy of options, but then again I eat cup of noodles every other day. As we recall, Kotoura is a fantastic cook (seeing as how no one is there to cook for her), and Mifune uses her thoughts to persuade Kotoura to cook for Manabe. It’s a slow process, but I think Kotoura is gradually realizing her true feelings for the guy. Now if only Manabe could stop acting like such a dumbass…


As a break from all things telepathic, the ESP Research Society takes a trip to a karaoke parlor for some fun. Kotoura is hesitant about performing in public, with good reason. When she takes the stage, no one’s ears are safe from her tone deaf singing. Have to give her props for being so confident, though.

It also appears that Mifune and Muroto are childhood friends, which seems totally out of the blue. However, this means that Muroto knows the ins and outs of her personality and her true intentions, perhaps even better than she knows herself.


Just when we think it’s all happy times in this episode, Moritani returns with a vengeance against Manabe for yelling at her. She asks her judo buddies to rough him up a little. Surprisingly, Manabe is able to fight back (though we don’t get to see), but he’s hospitalized himself. This causes both Moritani and Kotoura to feel extremely guilty. Kotoura doesn’t rat out Moritani because she feels responsible for troubling them both. Then the show pulls a total WTF moment when Kotoura moves away!

No idea what’s going to happen next, but it seems like the ESP Research Society will go on an expedition next episode to bring her back. Also, I’m still waiting for when Moritani becomes a character that I like. I know it will happen eventually, but I’m unsure what the catalyst for her character appreciation will be.


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