Impression – Go On, Episode 07









I won’t say that this episode pulled me back in, but it was definitely an improvement over episode six. There was a lot of comedy this time around, but I felt that the serious aspect of the show really stepped up its game. Ryan has never enjoyed celebrating his birthday, but the group insists on throwing an elaborate birthday scavenger hunt. With some fun antics along the way including streaking, playing on the fact that Matthew Perry looks like Rachel Maddow, and a drugged up shopping spree, Ryan for the first time has some real fun on his birthday. The scavenger hunt ends with the group visiting a hotel room that Janie had reserved for Ryan prior to her death which Ryan deals with surprisingly well. We get another appearance from the ghost of Janie who talks to Ryan about how he is starting to improve both emotionally following her death and as an all around person. On the other end Steven is drugged up after his colonoscopy and is being cared for by Sonia. Unfortunately Sonia cannot say no to Steven and the two end up going on a shopping spree where emotional instability and drug fueled inhibition are a terrible mix.

We would all buy new things if we could.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I am satisfied with the episode as it was an improvement over the last in my opinion. I look forward to seeing more episodes and hope that we get back to the level of quality we saw prior to episode six.

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