Impression – Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai., Episode 04


Episode 04 – “My Little Sister’s Rival Can’t Come to Japan”

Kyousuke’s life is becoming more and more like an eroge as he walks in on both Kirino and her friend Ria naked. Of course, he pays the price with a swift right hook to the face. But who is this mysterious tanned loli? Well, if you recall from last season, Kirino had a prodigy 12 year old track and field roommate and this is her. She’s flown all the way to Japan to see how Kirino’s doing and to rematch her, having suffering an out of the blue loss right before she left.

Ria visiting provides the ultimate opportunity to experience the joys of having a little sister firsthand. Kirino acts like a good older sister by defending her against Kyousuke’s nonexistent advances (even unjustly denouncing him as a lolicon) and taking her to see the cultural centers of Japan, starting with Akihabara first of course. Unfortunately, Ria wanders into the adult doujin section and flips through a book that has a character that looks like her on the cover. Yeah…that’s a surefire way to traumatize a kid alright.



It’s possible that Kirino’s love for otaku merchandise is what drove her to win the race that day in LA, but Ria reasons that there must be something else. The two throw down after their Akiba trip, and Ria dominates for the majority of their rematch. However, with some encouragement from Kyousuke, Kirino manages to keep it a close race despite still losing in the end.

What might be troubling for some is that Kyousuke declares in the heat of the moment that he isn’t a lolicon like Kirino keeps suggesting but he confesses he’s a siscon. This actually spurs her on in the race, along with giving her a very awkward expression on her face. Whether he actually means this is kind of up in the air, and Kirino mostly glazes over this statement without any sort of overreaction (which we would expect). In fact, she asks him to become her boyfriend at the end of the episode. Wait, what? Well, she asks as a favor, so we can be 99.9% sure that it’s meant to trick someone or something like that.



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