Impression – Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?, Episode 04









Things are getting even more serious in Mondaiji. We got a hint at how corrupt certain leaders were and it just keeps getting worse. The moral downfall of a once proud group due to a change of leadership, the sale of people, and the possession of sex slaves. This magical world is getting pretty damn intense. We find out that the former demon lord is the vampire from the last altercation. Leticia was once a part of the No-Names and she wanted to test the new members in order to see if it was possible for the group to stay in tact. Unfortunately, Leticia is no longer a gift game prize and is going to be sold off to a place outside of Little Garden where her weakness to the sun will aid in keeping her prisoner. The leader of Perseus is the one responsible and he has set his eye on Kurousagi. He wants her to basically become his sex slave and negotiations over Leticia fall through. Luckily, Izayoi puts on the bodyguard act and the talks dissolve without anyone getting injured, but Kurousagi is considering giving herself up for Leticia. Apparently, the only way to force a gift game with Perseus is to finish two other games first which is supposed to be nearly impossible. Unless you are Izayoi who decided to complete these two challenges while everyone else was talking. With this, Kurousagi is safe and Leticia has a chance at freedom. Honestly though, they are making Izayoi a little too over powered.

Even though this world takes in people from many different dimensions, they still use our mythology.

Even though this world takes in people from many different dimensions, they still use our mythology.













Current Opinion of the Show:

I have some mixed feelings regarding the action in this series. If the fights remain bland and certain people stay over powered, then I will start to find this show boring. However, if this next fight shows off some actual action, then Mondaiji may become my favorite show this season. The story is all there with corruption, cool powers, and a group that people want to see succeed, but I can only watch riding a gryphon, beating a demon with one strike, and Izayoi punching things for so long. The animation looks nice so I have high hopes for the battle scenes moving forward. I might be able to wait until after this fight to see a close match because I really want to see Izayoi beat the crap out of this guy.

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