Impression – Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman, Episode 12








Things wrapped up in a pretty predictable way, but that doesn’t mean that the ending was bad. Suzuki ended his fight with some odd armor activation that made the two gunmen face their past selves. Conti sees a young boy that was fueled by a desire to preserve the smiles of his loved ones and this showed Conti the error of his ways. Somewhere down the line he lost sight of what was truly important and he lets himself get shot. Suzuki sees an emotionless version of himself that calls these new feelings such as love weak. However, Suzuki knows that having a reason to fight has only made him stronger and he kills of his former self. There really isn’t much known about this fight because neither guy is shown after the odd confrontations. Although, you can assume that they are both dead because Suzuki stated he was taking Conti down with him before the odd stuff happened and there was an explosion after all was said and done. The other members of the Helpers had their hands full with all of the American soldiers. Nothing too serious, but Gennai decided to blow up the ship. The dynamite that he used wasn’t enough and the canon that set Edo ablaze was left intact. Things would have gotten even worse if the flour zombies didn’t crawl into the barrel of the canon and stop the destruction. Hans grieved because he raised those guys, but this was expected. Oyuki saves Roman, Koharu is saved by a mysterious stranger with a robe similar to the one worn by Roman’s dad, and Roman has a showdown with the Admiral. Roman wins and Koharu can’t remember anything that happened to her. All of that was pretty much a given, but it all fit the style of the series very well.

That ship would not go down

That ship would not go down.









Current Opinion of the Show:

I really enjoyed the ending of Bakumatsu. Was it spectacular? Not in my eyes, but it was a fun watch. I have been critical of the supernatural things that have occurred throughout this series because they were pretty damn ridiculous. However, I have come to realize that all of that is the charm of this series. The over the top displays in the fights that make me remember power ranger fights, the unexplained demonic auras, and the appearance of Catwoman need to be there for this series to be Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman. Before you tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about when it comes to the power ranger thing, you need to watch the final showdown because Roman makes a short speech and clouds of multicolored smoke appear out of nowhere. If that isn’t akin to the power rangers, then I don’t know what is. Back on topic, the ending seemed like an ending with just enough mystery left over to allow a sequel, but not demand one. Overall, this series was entertaining and I am glad that I watched it.

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