Impression: Tamako Market – Episode 12


Episode 12 – “Another Year Draws to a Close”

Tamako Market ends where it began: a chilly winter approaching the new year. The story had seemingly built to its climax, only to be settled quite simply by the Prince himself. The shop owners decide to hold a meeting to not only welcome the Prince, but to discuss Tamako’s future with him, too. Tamako returns from school and finds that all of the shops are closed. This leads to a scary and surprisingly saddening moment when Tamako recalls that last time this happened. Though it’s not explicitly stated (because Dera stops her from getting the words out), the last time the shops were closed during the day time like this was when Tamako’s mother died. So it’s understandable that Tamako panics because she was honestly expecting the worst.

After talking with her friends, Tamako makes her decision regarding marrying the Prince. She tells Dera about all of the memories she has in the Usagiyama shopping district and goes to the prince, telling him that she can’t bare to leave the home she’s had all of her life. Even Dera and Choi chime in to protect her wish to stay, but apparently all of that doesn’t even matter because Tamako isn’t the fated bride to be in the first place! The aura that surrounds Tamako happens to be a scent of flowers from Kaoru’s shop. Now hold up. If this is the case, then why wouldn’t this make everyone in the shopping district a marriage candidate? Maybe this is just an excuse that the Prince thought up to let Tamako off the hook.


With no more reason to stay, the Prince, Choi, and Dera decide to return home. As parting gifts for Choi, Midori gives her a teddy bear, Kanna gives her a hammer (but she wasn’t supposed to take it), and Tamako reluctantly gives her the prized medal (which Choi refuses to accept). Further mysteries are alluded to when just as Choi leaves, she reaches for the left side of her neck. Could this be the mark that signifies the Prince’s fated bride?! We may never know since Choi has the golden neck ring obscuring that area. Dera decides to stay until New Year’s, only to leave when the girls aren’t looking, claiming that it’s against his policy to cry. This leads to another quasi-emotional moment when Tamako goes around the shopping district to find him, but Dera keeps running away. However, it wouldn’t do to have a sad ending to Tamako Market, would it? Dera gets trapped in a box of flowers, which ends up being Mochizou’s birthday present for Tamako (hey, he didn’t forget!).


I really enjoyed this series, but I’m a little sad that they didn’t show more for the ending. Hopefully, this means that KyoAni plans to continue the series because I would definitely love to see more. I feel that they’ve only scratched the surface with this little world that they’ve created.


6 responses to “Impression: Tamako Market – Episode 12

  1. I agree, I felt like there we’re many more adventures and stories that could come out of this series, and am quite sad that they ended it here. Also, did it seem odd to anyone else when, right before the credits song, Tamako says to take Dera to a shrine, and a bell tolls? o.O I found that slightly confusing, as well as just strange.

    • Yeah, the open ending makes me hopeful that there will be a sequel in the near future! With KyoAni apparently continuing Chuunibyou, I think it’s a possibility for Tamako Market as well.

      • I’m excited for the hopeful future! ^u^ I’m not sure why they would want to continue Chuunibyou though, it had such a fitting ending.

  2. I’m hoping for a second season as well!
    I actually liked the scene where Tamako is reminded of her mother. It gave her character so much more depth and made her seem so realistic.

    T_T I’m glad to see that Mochizou finally gave Tamako a present but….i was hoping for at least an “I like you”…

    • It was definitely a change of pace from the bubbly Tamako that we were used to. There’s a lot of potential for character development, so we should all cross our fingers for a second season!

      • ^ ^ I think so as well!! > < Please please please come out for a second season !! T__T I want at least one couple's love life to be accomplished!!

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