News – SMGO.TV has Started a Fund for Young Justice, 5/6/13

We can't let this opportunity pass us by.

We can’t let this opportunity pass us by.








Please visit this link to support Young Justice!

By now, we should all know that SMGO.TV had a meeting with Warner Brothers in the attempt to bring back Young Justice and Green Lantern the Animated Series. Unfortunately, that fell through because Warner Brothers did not think that the community could fund new seasons for our beloved shows. Honestly, I believed that statement when they said it would take ten million dollars in order to have a season three of Young Justice. That doesn’t even include Green Lantern the Animated Series. However, SMGO.TV pulled quite the interesting stunt. “Let’s prove them wrong.” That is a statement that really describes what we are trying to do right now. We have to prove to Warner Brothers that we can support our shows. It is because of the great fan support that a fund for bringing back Young Justice was launched. Yes, it will take ten million dollars in order to bring it back, but things are actually looking pretty good. Without much of an announcement, we broke three thousand dollars and crashed the server within an hour. There are various incentives based on how much you decide to donate and here is how the donation process works for those of you that may not be familiar with the process:

“Well, when we go forward, there isn’t going to be a MOR on the account because we’re not raising funds, we’re raising promises to pay funds given a set of contractual obligations that PayPal itself has to approve.  We worked out a very very unique and safe system for months, and they were fully aware during that process that we might have to crowdfund something before getting an official OK.

In a little more detail, our approval to use PayPal’s crowdfunding system and pre-authorization system hinges on three main points:

  • First, we cannot ever be the recipient of any money raised.  Even if we wanted to use our system to crowdfund our own company (something we have contemplated doing considering our mission) we would still need to use an external organization to do so, because we can never be the recipient of money raised through our platform.
  • Second, fans aren’t pledging actual money the way that people do on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.  That’s really important, and we made it a cornerstone in this agreement with PayPal.  What we’re doing is raising promises to pay funds given a set of circumstances – circumstances verified by PayPal.  So, what that means in non-technical terms is simply, we aren’t every raising money, we’re saying “Hey we have X people willing to pay Y amount, are you willing to put the show back into production?”  If the answer is no, the billing agreement expires after the 90 day window, and for all intensive purposes, that campaign has failed.  If the answer is yes, then the studio will sign a contract with the requisite clauses.
  • Once there is a contract on file with PayPal, the studio must create or supply its own PayPal account, and undergo a thorough underwriting process via PayPal’s fraud department.  This was something they came up with, and the idea is that they’re going to make sure that the people claiming to be a studio, are in fact representing that studio.

So.  This is probably way tl;dr, but we certainly want to provide as much information as possible.  The problem that we’re going to have (in our opinion) isn’t the payment.  If there’s something wrong with the payment PayPal (a billion dollar company) is on your side to help find a solution.  What we foresee as a larger problem is the rewards, creating rewards that are feasible for them to work with us to fulfill.  We cover both of these topics in the video (which I’m hoping to have out around 5pm).

We are a startup, and that’s why we completely outsourced this whole system to PayPal.

I should note though that if the community is that divided, we can wait or we can also pivot and see if we can do some original content instead.  We just got a huge outflowing of people asking us to do it, and we spoke with some influential members and they said go for it, let us do this.

Hope that helps!

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That is directly from SMGO.TV, so it should be trustworthy. They even tell you about the payment process when you donate which will allow you to back out if you are not comfortable with it. They have some great rewards set up and I think that they will appeal to a lot of you. Gifts range from direct access to the shows on SMGO.TV, to the DVD Box set. If we win out, the show will come back on SMGO.TV in the form of HD streaming. That is pretty great because I know that a good portion of the fans watch the show online as it is. The link that I provided at the top of the article shows off all of the different rewards. Now, I know that this news may be bittersweet for some of you. This is a result of the efforts of the Symbiosi movement. Fans of both Young Justice and Green Lantern the Animated Series have been working together, but it is only Young Justice that has gotten the spotlight this time around. I would like to stress that this fund is very important for Green Lantern fans. If this one is successful, then Warner Brothers will have to acknowledge the fan impact. A win here will lead to more victories and a Green Lantern the Animated Series fund is the logical next step. There is even a sweet package for the Young Justice fund that includes Razer and Aya figures. We only have ninety days to commit, so let’s stay strong and show Warner Brothers just how serious we are.

I dipped into my Fanime money for this.

I dipped into my Fanime money for this.

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