Impression – Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, Episode 07


Episode 07 – “I’d Want to Help Onee-sama”

After an action-packed weekend at FanimeCon 2013, the Mahou Tofu gang is back in business, bringing you semi-regular coverage of your favorite currently airing anime series. It was a ton of fun (expect coverage in the near future, too!), but we couldn’t stay away for long. I realize that I should be starting the series in chronological order (in which they came out) in this game of catch-up, but I couldn’t resist starting with Railgun S. I also watched the past few episodes in a viewing room at the Con last night, which sparked the flames within me to return to the series as soon as possible.


With the tense couple of episodes in prior weeks, Railgun S brings the action down and focuses more on the inner conflicts being involved, particularly for Misaka and Kuroko. Despite Kuroko’s usual happy-go-lucky demeanor, she finds herself in a difficult position and feels powerless when Misaka is obviously hiding something from her. In typical fare, the episode has some comedic scenes to level out the atmosphere, like Saten using her nose to find money cards again.

I could see people criticizing the series for doing things like this though. We just had several episodes of heavy material and now we have the girls helping out kids again! What gives, right?! Well, I personally think the ability to balance out serious themes with lighthearted comedy is a great strength that the series possesses. I really enjoy series, like Railgun S, that sort of have a little bit of everything.


The scenario with the kids also draws parallels, if not very direct ones, with the one Kuroko is in. It shows that there’s a childish, yet noble innocence in her wanting to help Misaka. There’s also a certain foolishness that both Kuroko and Misaka are guilty of, when they decide to shoulder their troubles by themselves. Instead of the fabled lucky money card, which has 777 in it, the girls decide to search for a four-leaf clover. Much easier, I guess. Meanwhile, Misaka is busy blowing up labs involved in Sisters Project. Next week, we’ll meet Miss Missile Tosser and Miss Laser Hands.


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