Senki Zesshou Symphogear – Master Post

symphogearSenki Zesshou Symphogear (Satelight) – Genre: Action, Music, Sci-fi

The world lives in constant fear of a force that cannot be stopped through conventional means. The Noise are beings that show up randomly attack people. Humans turn into charcoal when they come into contact with the Noise and bullets don’t even slow them down. How does one fight such a threat? With divas that utilize ancient weapons of course.

Season Two:

Episode Impressions:

Ep. 01 – “The Gungnir Girl”

Ep. 02 – “The Power and Deceit in My Heart”

Ep. 03 – “Those Who Crave the End, Those Who Brave the End”

Ep. 04 – “The Place I Call Home”

Ep. 05 – “Bloodbath Serenade”

Ep. 06 – “Miracles are a Cruel Legacy”

Ep. 07 – “To You, Soon Unable to be Yourself”

Ep. 08 – “Holding Hands… So that I Won’t Hesitate”

Ep. 09 – “Hero Story”

Ep. 10 – “Countdown to the Fall”

Ep. 11 – “Destiny Ark”

Ep. 12 – “Piercing Spear”

Ep. 13 – “The Distance that Day, When the Stars Became Music…”

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