Impression – RDG: Red Data Girl, Episode 04

Red Data Girl - 04 - Large 33|The First Roommate|

As seen at the end of last week’s episode, Izumiko ultimately decides to attend the school in Tokyo that her father wanted. And as far as private schools go, this one is enormous. It already looks bigger than my own college campus, and it’s supposed to be a high school. I was honestly expecting to see some ojou-samas and butlers walking around campus. Or maybe even helicopters dropping students off. I mean, Izumiko got picked up in a helicopter during the first episode, and that was when she still attended a public school. Surely this would be a better fit?

Red Data Girl - 04 - Large 04During the first half of the episode, I almost completely forgot about all of the supernatural stuff that occurred in the previous three episodes. One look at Izumiko’s new friends Mayura and Manatsu Souda and you can already tell that they will become very important people to her in the near future. She even meets the top student at the school Ichijou Takayanagi, who aims to be elected into the student council. Not only does he look like Wamiya, but he has one of those faces that looks very punchable. I don’t suppose he’ll become a major antagonist later on, right?

Red Data Girl - 04 - Large 11Of course I’m not right. Not long after, Izumiko notices that someone in her class has a dark aura, similar to the figure that was stalking her in Tokyo. Apparently her glasses were a gift from her mother and were meant to block out said auras, but she has decided to forgo wearing them and try a new look. Even for someone as shy as Izumiko, she does want to get complimented every now and then.

Red Data Girl - 04 - Large 34It turns out that Ricardo, one of the foreign students in her class is not human and is in fact being controlled by Ichijou. The two confront Izumiko about her being able to notice Ricardo’s aura. Luckily for her she is saved by Miyuki, who apparently took a level in badass by shooting Ricardo with an enchanted bow. The surprises don’t end there as Mayura reveals her and her brother to also have supernatural powers themselves, and that Ichijou is a spirit agent user with the ability to gather spirits to do his bidding. Seems like there’s more to this school’s students than first meets the eye. At the very least, I no longer think this is a great place for a high school comedy.

Lingering thoughts:

  • Taking off her glasses seems to be yet another step towards gaining self-confidence.
  • It seems not everyone at this school is an ordinary being. Everyone in the main cast has some power.
  • Izumiko can never seem to have one normal day to herself.

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