Impression – Senki Zesshou Symphogear G, Episode 03

Senk Zesshou Symphogear G








The group swan song is over and life has pretty much returned to normal. Well, as normal as life can be when a terrorist organization made a very real declaration of war against the entire world. Honestly though, noise attacks aren’t something new. I guess that is why the world is still sane. That, or the fact that no matter what happens in an anime, the school festival must go on.

Time for a new super weapon.

Time for a new super weapon.

Well, there is a new type of enemy out there. A creature with a great hunger than can feed on the noise, but is not one of them. What is the scary thing about the Nephilim? It doesn’t take much damage from the symphogears. Even the terrorists have to keep that guy on lockdown when it gets too hungry. I wonder if the fact that it is not a noise means that the commander can fight it. I would say yes if it wasn’t for the fact that this is an anime which means that only girls with magical transformations can get things done. The appearance of this thing has revealed quite a few other key things. The first is the cause behind the ambush at the American base. We all knew that Dr. Ver was behind the attack, but the girls didn’t. That guy is pretty creepy if you ask me. He was able to lower the sync rates for the symphogear users and help the noise regenerate. I don’t know if that red gas is responsible for both of those things, but it at least messed with the sync. The girls are in trouble if that stuff fails. I almost forgot to mention this. Maria is supposedly the new reincarnation of Finé.

That's not completely crazy.

That’s not completely crazy.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I honestly don’t know whether or not I like where this is going. Having a member of Finé being the reincarnation of Finé was pretty much expected, but now we are going to have to deal with Hibiki’s childish efforts at bringing everyone together. At the end of the first season, she trusted Finé to come back with the goal of saving the world rather than destroying it. Getting rid of the moon would kind of fuck up the planet. It is pretty obvious that they are making it so that the three new symphogear users aren’t bad people, but I kind of hoped that we wouldn’t have to have all of this heart warming stuff that isn’t very well-written in my opinion. Well, as far as this series goes that is. Although, I am interested in hearing a back and forth between Finé and Hibiki because I do want to know what is up with this new plan. Does anyone else think that it will be to unify the world under her superior rule in an effort to eliminate conflict after she uses the Nephilim to get rid of the noise that do not come from that machine? I only added that last part because there were still noise attacks after Finé was defeated the first time. I guess they are remnants of past wars. I don’t think that I am expecting much in all honesty.

That gas is some crazy stuff.

That gas is some crazy stuff.

If the Finé can control the noise, lower symphogear synch rates, and utilize something that can eat the noise, then it honestly looks like humanity is fucked. Hibiki and company will overcome this because we aren’t going to get a sad story, but things are not looking good. Unfortunately, this series has always raised a lot of questions that are either left unanswered or answered in stupid ways. What is up with the commander? Can he fight the Nephilim? What is the Nephilim? What is the goal of the new Finé? What is up with Hibiki’s past? Why do people care about school festivals when war was declared? I guarantee you that I may be satisfied with answers to two of those questions at the maximum. I doubt we will even get to know about the commander. I might just have to accept the fact that guys don’t matter that much in anime. Well, this type of anime at least. I would say that I am looking forward to the talk with Finé, but that will involve Hibiki talking and I just don;t enjoy that.

Way to be the sass master.

Way to be the sass master.


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