Impression – Senyuu. 2, Episode 04

Senyuu. 2








Before we get into things, I should mention that I did not know this series had an opening theme. The streams that I watch never include it, but there is an ending.I don’t know if it plays during every episode or not, but it is good and I need to watch it again.

Well, Hime is in trouble.

Well, Hime is in trouble.

Well, the attack on Alba happened. The mercenary tried and failed to use a bomb because he is an idiot. The guy even attempted to sneak Alba into the city with a centaur disguise. That did not work out well. The funniest thing about that part of the episode is probably the fact that someone seems to respect Alba. Then we have the Hime part of things. The armor got fixed and a transformation function was added. Unfortunately, the transformation happens with Hime inside of it and that is bad for the body. Hime is obviously not dead, but she did get messed up. Also, that motorcycle cannot take all of them to the castle. On the other side of things, Samejima is showing everyone what it means to be a man. No one can stand up to his manliness as he gives off the illusion of false height and uses his manly energy beam. Things have been taking so long that Ruki needs a nap.

That was mean.

That was mean.








Current Opinion of the Show:

Things are starting to feel a little scattered. Unfortunately, I have to blame the length of the show for this because it is very tough to show what is going on in multiple areas with the amount of time that they are getting. Would the show get boring or lose its charm with full-length episodes? We would have to see it to believe it, but I am a firm believer that the writers would utilize the time wisely. I want to see if they use this new character because he does seem to respect Alba. I didn’t know that was possible, but the party is already getting kind of big and that may be a tough sell. Overall, I am mostly waiting for something important to happen. Samejima is nice because I feel like he is the star of an Old Spice commercial, but that isn’t enough right now. I just need more because things seem scattered. Hopefully Hime is fine.

I hope that I look tall.

I hope that I look tall.


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