Impression – Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai., Episode 01

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (A-1 Pictures) – Genre: Comedy, School


Episode 01 – “My Little Sister Can’t Come Back Home Again”

Throughout this whole episode, I kept wondering which ending it was going off of from the first season. I guess this is what happens when I don’t refresh my memory before going into the second season of an anime. Just to clarify, this is a sequel, which I’ll call Oreimo 2,  and it takes off from after the “True End” of the first series. This was the ending shown after the 4 OVA specials and adheres to the light novel plot. In this ending, Kousaka grows closer to Kuroneko while Kirino is in America, but in the last episode he flies out to LA to retrieve her. Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on to the actual impression.

The episode starts off with a strange scene from the past with Kousaka refusing to take anymore baths with Kirino and listing off all the things he dislikes about her. It’s at this point that Kirino starts acting out against him, but it turns out to be a dream! Or is it? We may never know, but it would still make sense if it were a flashback. Back in America, Kirino is attempting to reconcile with everyone for why she abruptly returned to Japan. For a whole week, she acts strangely until she receives one of Kousaka’s famous advice sessions. In this case, it’s a trip to Akihabara so that Kirino can indulge in all of the anime and visual novels that she was starved for while in America (she could’ve just looked on Google or something). This brings her spirits right back up, and she returns to almost normal. As “thanks,” she demands that Kousaka play through one of her imouto-themed visual novels.


Thankfully, Oreimo 2 retains all of the awesomeness from the first season, despite the shift in production studios. A-1 Pictures did a great job of preserving the original character, and I didn’t even notice any large difference in animation at all. The character designs still look great, if not better. Just watching this first episode reminded me of why I loved the first season so much. The funny interactions between Kousaka and Kirino, as well as Kuroneko starting to open up, make for a great way to start off the season. While the first season heavily focused on the relationship between the two siblings, I feel like this season will show more of the side characters. Even in the first episode, we’re shown quite a bit more of Kirino’s friends as well as the folks from the Games Research Club.

All of the seiyuu reprise their roles from the first season, which is one of the strongest points of the series. Each seiyuu fills out the role of the character perfectly and the voices all just sound very natural. The BGM returns in all of its ska-like glory, while ClariS reprises its role as the go-to duo for the anime’s OP (which appears at the end of this first episode). Even though it looks and sounds almost identical to the OP “irony” from the first season, I personally think that’s a good thing. It’s almost as if there was no break between the two seasons and the series is just picking right up where it left off. Like the first season, I expect the OP to change with each episode, which is something I really loved because it shows that the producers care about the little details. We also get a nice end card of Kousaka and Kirino as kids. Makes you wonder what happened between them (unless that bath scene was actually the truth).


While not a whole lot happened in this first episode, it was a nice refresher for people (like me) who had forgotten a lot of what happened in the first season. A lot of flashbacks clarified things, like how Kuroneko kissed Kousaka to which he had an interestingly embarrassing reaction to. Could we see a romance forming between the two? Only time will tell if any romance at all will form in this series.


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