News – ‘Mahou Sensou’ Light Novel Series to Get Anime Series


We never tire of regular high school students put into unexpectedly precarious situations, right? Right? Well, I don’t know if I ever will. We have the light novel series known as Mahou Sensou, or “Magical Warfare,” which will receive a TV anime series somewhere in the near future.

As the title suggests, magicians and warfare are most definitely involved in this modern action tale. Our hero, is a completely normal high schoolboy. He’s even dating his childhood friend! Well, not really. They’re only pretending due to extenuating circumstances. Of course, this all changes thanks to a chance encounter with a mysterious female magician.

After this moment, his world is not quite the same. In fact, it’s revealed that there are actually two worlds: one for humans and one for magicians. Oh yeah, and the girl turns him into a magician too. Cool! I’m definitely looking forward to this series.

Check out the 1st PV, which outlines the story and shows off the art from the light novels.

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