Impression – Mushibugyou, Episode 20









I am definitely a product of my generation. Do you know what happens when I watch a “ninja” fight that includes ridiculous illusions, explosives, and flamboyant clothing? I think of Naruto. Is that fair? Not really, but it isn’t a giant insult either. Early Naruto was good and I will always think about that when I see ninjas that don’t fit the classic stereotype.

That man is beautiful.

Jinbei showed off why he can’t be a ninja. It’s not just the fact that he is extremely loud either. It is the fact that he falls for the simplest of illusions. Well, unless he hits his head of course. The fight between Hibachi and Saizou really heated up in this one. The guy had to shed his exoskeleton and everything in order to keep up with Hibachi. We saw some classic ninja stuff in this fight. Illusions that can only be expelled by physical pain, throwing knives, and talk of old masters. Hibachi gets stuck in an illusion that is very strong, but it is broken when the version of her grandfather in said illusion did not act like himself. Hibachi’s grandfather plays a very important role in this episode. He used to be Kirigakure Saizou’s rival when they were training under the same ninja master. Hibachi was told stories of how Saizou killed the master and stole a scroll that was filled with forbidden techniques. I can believe that because this guy is really strong. Saizou uses the sound produced by his wings to create powerful illusions. Hibachi defeats him with the power that she gains from having Jinbei around, but that was short-lived. Hibachi only defeated Saizou’s shadow and he has his eyes set on the Mushibugyou.

I want to know about this princess thing.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I both loved and hated this episode. What did I love? Hibachi wasn’t actually able to defeat Saizou. It wouldn’t make sense for her to be able to defeat what seems like the second strongest member of the insect men. She isn’t even the second strongest member of the city patrol. That really showed off a power that should be feared. This is something that I have been looking forward to because they really built up this group of enemies, but they have been underwhelming thus far. What did I not like about it? The fight itself. I wasn’t a fan of Jinbei giving her strength and I just felt like the fight itself did not flow very well. I did enjoy Jinbei’s inability to keep the illusions at bay, but that was pretty much it. The history with Hibachi’s grandfather was interesting, but I felt like it wasn’t really fleshed out yet. I don’t think that Hibachi will be the one fighting Saizou next time, so I think that they added some unnecessary elements there. If she does fight him again, then I will be fine with that, but we are running out of time and waiting for another season could become draining.

Thank you for finally giving us some real fighters.

The show in general is moving towards some very interesting stuff. I like the fact that the fights don’t last entire arcs because we would never finish this section like that, but you do need to organize the fights well if you are going to keep them this short. Jinbei’s fight felt fine, but Hibachi’s seemed scattered to me. I doubt that we will have the same problem with the other ones because I doubt that they will add a backstory like the one we just got, but I need to see more from them. What really interests me is Saizou. Will he alert Yukimura of the presence of the princess? Is the Mushibugyou really the princess of the insect men? How long will we have to wait for Mugai to enter the fray? Is Mugai strong enough to handle guys like Saizou and Yukimura? That last one is probably obvious, but I think that Jinbei has to fight Yukimura. Why do I say that? I really think that they are building up his relationship with the Mushibugyou and I think that Jinbei has to save her from what will probably be a kidnapping that will lead into the arc that starts off the possible second season. There is no way that the story will be ending anytime soon. Oh well, I just want to see some fighting for now.

Will he enter the fray?

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