Impression – Kyoukai no Kanata, Episode 02


Episode 02 – “Ultramarine”

Picking up right where the last episode leaves off, we’re treated to the exciting conclusion to Mirai’s first true battle with a youmu. I think KyoAni’s spoiled with their animation quality because I’ve watched every single series they’ve put out for the past year, and nothing else (aside from SHAFT series) can really compare in terms of the consistency. This fact is made extra apparent in these elaborate fight scenes, which is the first of its kind (at least of this quality) for the studio.

At first, Mirai is hesitant to kill the youmu, but being reminded of living in fear and hunger gave her the push she needed. That thing pretty much kicked her out of her apartment after all. I can see people having issue with Mirai’s cutesy side as well as her airheaded-ness, but I think this along with her complicated past actually makes her pretty interesting and likable character.

After Mirai vanquishes the youmu, it leaves behind what looks like youmu ore. After taking it to an appraiser, she receives a whopping 1000 yen for her troubles. It must have been a pretty low level youmu for her to only get 10 bucks for her trouble. It’s pretty cool how that system works though. It’s very much like an RPG where the monsters drop money when you beat them. Now, if they could show her gaining EXP and buying equipment… Then again, this doesn’t need to turn into¬†Sword Art Online.


We also meet a few of the people that Akihito is close to. First is his hot mom who has a thing for dressing like a cat. Surprisingly, she’s actually a Spirit Warrior which makes his father the youmu in the family. She warns Akihito and Mirai of a incredibly powerful youmu without a body that’s heading towards his city. Sure, trained Spirit Warriors couldn’t take it down, but maybe the combined strength of our four main characters might be enough?


I say four because we’re introduced to the resident heartthrob Hiromi Nase (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki), and I can smell the yaoi ship already. His last name suggests that he’s related to Mitsuki, and it turns out that he’s responsible for somehow protecting the school using some sort of barrier. More mysteries that will be revealed over time, to be sure. I’m mainly looking forward to see what the two Nase siblings are capable and how they’re ever going to deal with such a powerful youmu.


One response to “Impression – Kyoukai no Kanata, Episode 02

  1. Mirai’s a strange but likeable character, can’t wait to see how she develops as the anime goes on. And Akihito’s mother is……quite strange, to say the least. Probably pretty badass when things actually get serious though. It’ll be interesting to see the Nases in action, wonder how they’re gonna handle what’s ahead.

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