Impression: Mangirl! – Episode 01

Mangirl! (Dogakobo) – Genre: Comedy, Slice-of-Life

Mangirl! is a series of 5 minute shorts about a group of girls who begin their own manga writing business. It’s light-hearted, funny, and due to the length of each episode, the lines of dialogue are launched at a rapid fire pace. This will ensure that your attention is held for the duration of the 5 minutes, but also makes it easy to lose your place if you have a brief lapse of focus (which happens to me occasionally).

While we don’t know much about the characters yet, they seem to have fairly varied personalities, from the optimistic editor-in-chief Hana Sasayama to the level-headed assistant Aki Torii (my personal favorite character thus far). The office setting is a welcome change from the ubiquitous home and school seen in other similar genre titles. In the first episode, we get a taste of the type of problems these girls have to overcome, like setting a proper budget and finding business opportunities. The concept is pretty fresh and makes me kind of sad that this isn’t a complete full series.

The art style is very colorful and vibrant, which are aspects that I am a big fan of. As for the characters, there doesn’t seem to be a male human being in sight. The girls are awfully cute, and their faces and eyes are very very round (kind of reminds me of the art style from Oreimo). Yeah, this is moĆ© up the wazoo. The music is lively and pretty much plays throughout the entirety of the episode, competing with the non-stop talking of the characters.

Since each episode is short, it’s hard not to recommend someone to give Mangirl! a shot. Of course, if cute girls talking excessively isn’t your thing, then maybe you should stay away from this one. As for me, I’ll continue to watch the series. It’s 5 minutes put to fairly good use.

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