Impression: Yama no Susume – Episode 01

Cute high school girls and outdoor hiking? Sounds like an anime.

Of course, hiking and mountain climbing can be a therapeutic hobby, especially in this technological age of cell phones and social networks. The breath of fresh air and the feeling of exploration can be a relaxing experience and a great way to relieve stress! I even joined a hiking club back in middle school (along with Will aka Codesymphonia), where we would meet at the local hiking trails along the coast and just start walking.

Yama no Susume follows Aoi Yukimura, a high school freshman who’s introverted and doesn’t have many friends. A childhood incident has given her acrophobia, meaning she’s afraid of heights. She’d much rather spend her free time doing indoor activities such as making sweets, going to the crafts store, and spending time in the library rather than go out with classmates for some tea. Her life becomes disrupted when Hinata, an energetic childhood friend of hers, reenters her life. Hinata is keen to fulfill their childhood promise to each other of climbing a mountain and watching the sunset together. Oblivious to Aoi’s objections (and unaware of Aoi’s fear of heights), Hinata drags our unfortunate protagonist with her (literally) to make preparations to climb the mountain together.

Yama no Susume - 01 - Large 05

What you see here is what you get. It’s a slice-of-life anime with cute moe girls doing everyday things, in this case, mountain climbing. The animation so far is surprisingly good, considering that each episode is only 3 minutes long. Even the seiyuu do a pretty decent job, considering how stock the character tropes are. As for the story? Hell, it’s a slice-of-life about high school girls who want to climb mountains. At least they aren’t fighting giant monsters or something. Or maybe that would’ve upped the excitement?

*Can you imagine them climbing a dormant volcano, only to accidentally awaken a giant beast and unleash its wrath on their town? Then they’d have to call in the giant robots from Pacific Rim to save the day. Now I want this to be an episode.*

This series has potential to be a good slice-of-life, thanks to surprisingly good quality animation and good voice actors. Let’s see how it all plays out in the coming weeks.

Last thoughts:

  • Did anyone have any similar outdoor hobbies back in grade school?
  • Will Aoi ever get over her fear of heights? (Probably)
  • Giant robots make almost anything better.

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