Top Picks – The 10 Best Anime Couples of 2012

yuuta x rikka


Well, 2012 was one hell of a year for anime. Have you guys watched everything you wanted to yet? If not, here are a few reasons to go back and catch a few series that you may have missed. Have you ever watched an anime and thought that two of the characters made a really good couple? Well, we here at Mahou Tofu decided to take some of the best anime couples from 2012 and rank them. Here are our choices for the top anime couples of 2012 with endorsements written by CodeSymphonia13 (Will).

#10. Yukiteru (Yukki) Amano and Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)

yukiteru x yuno

Has anyone ever told you that love was crazy? Well, anyone that has watched Mirai Nikki can tell you that the love Yuno has for Yukki is a prime example of that line of thinking. Some of you may be wondering how a homicidal stalker and a boy that is controlled by fear can make the list for best couple. I would like to say that this couple does have their moments and the repeated display of ridiculous efforts to keep one another alive in the face of death is a bond that is very difficult to argue with. Throughout the series we see Yukki’s opinion of Yuno change for the better and you can blame a lot of the crazy on the anime itself because the plot revolves around gore and other ridiculous things. One of the best moments for Yukki and Yuno as a couple would be when Yukki saves Yuno from being raped at the cult headquarters. The nature of that moment really shows off how crazy the anime is, but also the length to which these two support each other.

Bryan: 10, Daniel: 9, Will: 10

#9. Kouichi Sakakibara and Mei Misaki (Another)

kouichi x mei

Do you have that one friend that would keep trying to ask out the girl that everyone told him was bad news? Well, the majority of Another’s plot is driven by the fact that Kouichi will not stop talking to the very creepy Mei. There will be those of you that believe that there was not enough romantic development between Kouichi and Mei for them to make this list, but I will tell you that you have to look closer at their interactions with one another. The way that Kouichi has this undying curiosity regarding Mei in this series that leads to him spending time in a creepy doll shop and forming odd dancing fantasies in his head is proof enough for me to say that these two have something going on. Throughout the series, Kouichi and Mei get very close, spending most of their time together and revealing secrets about themselves to one another. One of the best moments for Kouichi and Mei as a couple would be when Kouichi believes in Mei strongly enough to kill his own aunt. Once again we get very odd moments because Another is a horror anime, but that level of trust is not a common thing.

Bryan: 9, Daniel: 10, Will: 7

#8. Io Otonashi and Tsumiki Miniwa (Acchi Kocchi)

io x tsumiki

Do you have those two friends that should obviously be together and everyone knows it but them? Well, that describes the love-stricken Tsumiki and the oblivious Io in Acchi Kocchi. This time there really isn’t a question regarding the level of romantic development between the two members of this couple. The majority of Acchi Kocchi’s story revolves around Tsumiki’s very shy attempts at capturing Io’s attention while Io treats Tsumiki like a little kid with his constant patting of her head. Throughout the series we see Io and Tsumiki get closer as their interactions become far more bold ranging from feeding each other to the classic lap pillow scenario. One of the best moments for Io and Tsumiki as a couple would be the time when the group decides to rent a cabin over the break and Io and Tsumiki refer to each other as Papa and Mama while cooking. Luckily, Acchi Kocchi is a slice of life anime so the romantic moments for Io and Tsumiki actually seem normal.

Bryan: 8, Daniel: 8, Will: 9

#7. Oreki Houtarou and Eru Chitanda (Hyouka)

oreki x chitanda

Do you have that one friend that can never say no to this one girl and everyone knows why that is but him? Well, Oreki knows that when he hears Chitanda say “kininarimasu” that he will be stuck doing something that uses up way too much of his limited energy supply. The only question regarding these two as a couple is why the people in charge didn’t let Oreki and Chitanda become canon. Honestly, Hyouka does not even have a story if Oreki and Chitanda aren’t getting things going which is bad for the series, but good for the supporters of this pairing. Throughout the story we see Oreki and Chitanda slowly become more aware of the fact that there are some new feelings growing regarding each other and it really changes Oreki going as far as to make him go out of his way to figure things out which is completely against his energy reservation life style. One of the best moments for Oreki and Chitanda as a couple is when Chitanda requests that Oreki escort her on this ceremonial doll parade in which Oreki spends the majority of his time disappointed with the fact that he can’t get a good look at Chitanda’s face. Hyouka’s story is very character driven and Oreki and Chitanda are right in the middle of it all.

Bryan: 7, Daniel: 3, Will: 8

#6. Tetsuya Kuroko and Satsuki Momoi (Kuroko no Basuke)

kuroko x momoi

Do you have that one very average friend that for almost no noticeable reason has that ridiculously attractive girlfriend? Well, the forgettable Kuroko is just that with his odd way of holding the affection of the bombshell that is Momoi. Some of you may think that the relationship between Kuroko and Momoi is far too one sided to be on this list, but that is mainly the fault of the lack of emotion that is a part of Kuroko’s character. The few times that we do see Momoi, we are always given a bit of romance between her and Kuroko and the content of those moments is actually very adorable. Throughout the series Momoi serves as a look into Kuroko’s past as a member of the generation of Miracles and their interaction with one another does become more intimate as the series progresses. One of the best moments for Kuroko and Momoi as a couple was when Momoi shows up at Seiren High School very upset over Aomine and Kuroko is able to calm her down with his oddly smooth way of handling her. Kuroko no Basuke doesn’t really focus on romantic relationships, but Kuroko and Momoi do get the most screen time together when it comes to romance in the series.

Bryan: 5, Daniel: 7, Will: 6

#5. Chihiro Furuya and Rea Sanka (Sankarea)

chihiro x rea

Have you ever heard that odd people seem to always find a way to end up together? Well, when a rich girl with daddy issues and a guy with a zombie fetish get together, they pretty much fit into that category. Some of you may say that a couple filled with necrophilia is not worthy of being on this list. However, this is an anime and what they lack in common sense, they make up for with a general love for one another. Throughout the series we see that Chihiro and Rea grow as people by giving each what they needed. Chihiro helps Rea experience the normal life that she always wanted, while Rea helps Chihiro find love. The best moment for Chihiro and Rea as a couple was when Chihiro risks his life in a fencing battle with Rea’s dad in order to bring Rea back home with him. The series is relationship heavy with a great focus on Chihiro and Rea which makes their growth together very prominent in Sankarea.

Bryan: 4, Daniel: 6, Will: 4

#4. Koyomi Araragi and Hitagi Senjougahara (Nisemonogatari)

araragi and senjougahara

Do you know that one guy that stays with a girl that is extremely abusive and possessive even though it looks very odd on the outside? Well, that guy will usually say that she is actually a very loving person and Nisemonogatari shows us that Senjougahara really does love Araragi. Some of you may think that the romance between Araragi and Senjougahara took a step back in Nisemonogatari, but the only reason you should think that is because there was a lot more going on in the series this time around. Araragi and Senjougahara are still as close as ever in Nisemonogatari and there were quite a few extremely romantic moments between the two this year. Throughout the first arc of the series Araragi and Senjougahara fight a man that has played a very cruel role in Senjougahara’s past and the effort that the two go through in order to protect one another truly shows a great deal of love between the two. One of the best moments for Araragi and Senjougahara as a couple was when the two let Kaiki leave without a fight and then spend the night together for Senjougahara’s sake. Araragi’s continued attempts at helping Senjougahara overcome the demons of her past in the series as a whole and Nisemonogatari in specific are truly a testament to the bond between the couple.

Bryan: 6, Daniel: 4, Will: 3

#3. Hayate Ayasaki and Hinagiku Katsura (Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You)

hayate x hinagiku

How many times have you watched an anime where the main male character is loved by way too many girls and is completely oblivious to their respective feelings? Well, Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You is another one of those fabulous harems. Some of you may think that the best couple in a harem anime is the one that gets the most screen time, but I would have to say that this is not the case. Hayate and Hinagiku rarely get the proper amount of time to interact with one another, but the time that they do spend together shows off just how well the two mesh together. Hinagiku suffers from the fact that Hayate lives with other members of his harem, but few can argue with the fact that most of the other options that he is given are nowhere near as viable as Hinagiku. Throughout the series we see Hinagiku struggle with a balance between showing her authority as the student council president and her feelings for the far too oblivious Hayate. One of the best moments for Hayate and Hinagiku as a couple was when the two spent an entire day together bouncing between typical dating spots doing things such as watching a movie together and going to an amusement park. Hinagiku’s character just seems to balance out Hayate in ways that no one else can in Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

Bryan: 3, Daniel: 1, Will: 5

#2. Kazuto (Kirito) Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

kirito x asuna

Have you ever looked at two people and thought that there is no way that their relationship is as perfect as it appears to be? Well, Kirito and Asuna basically have that relationship and the series makes it perfect both inside and out. Anyone that has watched Sword Art Online knows that Kirito and Asuna deserve to be on this list plain and simple. The series gets really duo centric really early and a series that was once based around action becomes the story of a young married couple trying to protect one another. Throughout the series we see the bond between Kirito and Asuna grow as the risk their lives for one another on many occasions and in many different worlds. One of the best moments for Kirito and Asuna was when Kirito finally finds Asuna in the second virtual world where she had been held captive and was subject to much mental torture. The reunion of Kirito, Asuna, and their virtual daughter Yui shows off the culmination of the belief Asuna had that Kirito would find and save her. Sword Art Online provides so many fabulous moments for the young couple that it is tough to pick just one and any fan of romance will appreciate the story that we are provided in this series.

Bryan: 2, Daniel: 5, Will: 2

#1. Yuuta Togashi and Rikka Takanashi (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!)

yuuta and rikka 2

Has anyone ever told you that the best kind of relationships are the ones where your other half let’s you be yourself? Well, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! is all about questioning what we are allowed to do and why we should be allowed to be who we want to be. Anyone that has watch Chuunibyou can back me up when I say that Yuuta and Rikka not only belong on this list, but they definitely deserve a top spot as well. Yuuta and Rikka have that believable, awkward high school romance that warms the heart when you see the two characters interact with one another. Throughout the series we see Yuuta succumb to Rikka’s pace and this makes it so that Yuuta must no longer look down upon eighth grader syndrome and instead embrace the freedom to be yourself. One of the best moments for Yuuta and Rikka as a couple was when Rikka was giving up on her chuunibyou and decided to move back in with her grandparents, but Yuuta rode his bike for a ridiculous number of miles in order to bring her back. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! really develops Yuuta and Rikka’s relationship and the growth that these two kids go through together is proof enough that they are a great couple.

Bryan: 1, Daniel: 2, Will: 1

Couples that Needed More Development:

We all know that the top ten couples were top not just because they were good together, but because they got the development that they needed in order to captivate our hearts. However, not every pairing in a series gets the screen time that it deserves. Here are some of the anime couples from 2012 that we believe were just a bit of development away from becoming a top pairing.

Kaname Tsukahara and Hisaka Aido (Kimi to Boku. 2), Bryan’s Pick

kimi to boku 2._1

Kaname and Hisako are something that I am a huge fan of and that is childhood friends. Unfortunately, season two of Kimi to Boku. does a horrible job of developing the relationship between Kaname and Hisako. The two basically get one episode and it is bittersweet in the fact that most of it is spent talking about how Kaname is really in love with Hisako’s older sister. The series doesn’t even let her appear in the other episodes which is exactly why this pairing is here on this list. The best moment for Kaname and Hisako as a couple would be when Hisako decides that she will grow out her bangs in the attempt to have hair that appeals to Kaname. That was the best moment for them in Kimi to Boku. 2 because they hate this couple apparently.

Satoshi Fukube and Mayaka Ibara (Hyouka), Daniel’s Pick

satoshi x mayaka

Satoshi and Mayaka are a pair that definitely left you wanting more. Hyouka was very character driven which would make you think that Satoshi and Mayaka got everything that they needed. However, for two people that have a romantic history, they rarely get any time together with romantic implications. The Valentine’s Day episode was about it when it comes to romance and it was just enough to tease the possibility for more scenes with a similar theme. One of the best moments for Satoshi and Mayaka was on Valentine’s Day when Satoshi admits that it would be great to date Mayaka. For two characters that seem to go so well together, Satoshi and Mayaka did not get the attention that they deserved in a series where there was honestly not a lot else that was going on.

Junpei Hyuuga and Riko Aida (Kuroko no Basuke), Will’s Pick

hyuuga x riko

Hyuuga and Riko are the ultimate tease. Kuroko no Basuke may be a series that is not very romance driven, but they put out far too many little hints at a relationship between Hyuuga and Riko for them to not develop the relationship further. There are signs here and there that are backed up by the fact that the other members of the team seem to already think that the two are dating. We can all hope that things get hammered out in the second season, but the first season was long enough for us to get some more real development for Hyuuga and Riko. One of the best moments for Hyuuga and Riko was when Riko was very emotional over the state of one of there games and Hyuuga gave her a reassuring speech and a pat on the head. The comfort that Riko felt from just a few words and a single pat on the head from Hyuuga really showed off the bond that these two kids have. Kuroko no Basuke definitely had time to give these two some more screen time together and we need to see that development in season two.

12 responses to “Top Picks – The 10 Best Anime Couples of 2012

  1. I agree with everything on this list except Kirito and Asuna.
    Sachi was a much better match anyway.

    • Although I didn’t like the fact that Kirito and Asuna’s romance was written too perfectly, it is because of that that they warrant such a high ranking. Also, when it comes to Sachi, incest is not best.

      • Lol I think you are mixed up. Sachi is not Kazuto’s sister (or cousin) , Suguha is. Sachi was a member of the first guild Kirito joined, she eventually died and her death motivated Kirito to clear the game.

      • Sachi wasn’t his cousin, you’re thinking of Suguha ;)

        Sachi was the poor girl that was killed off as soon as she started getting some development.

        • I’m sorry. I am just too used to people liking his cousin with him. On the Sachi thing, she wasn’t there long enough to make the list. Honestly, SAO did a very poor job of giving the other girls a chance. Minus Suguha because no.

          • Yeah, it was pretty unfortunate. They had missed a load of potential with the huge cast they had.

  2. I liked the romance in Sword Art Online. The relationship developed much better than in other shows I have seen. It was a shame Asuna was out of the picture for most of season 2.

  3. I agree with yuuta x rikka thing… they we’re the best couple even though they might be outmatched by kirito x asuna

    PLZ don’t insult me that’s just my opinion okay?

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