Impression – Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, Episode 05

Ore Shura








We didn’t really get to see a lot of the chuunibyou girl, but that wasn’t a big concern of mine once I saw what was going on in the episode. We got to see a lot of development between Eita and Masuzu which was very interesting. We learn that Masuzu has trouble dealing with her family and that her younger sister is possibly more manipulative than the great Masuzu. Mana even steals a kiss from Eita which, coupled with seeing her family, starts to eat at Masuzu. Things cool down as Masuzu drowns. I know that is an odd event to cool things down, but the pool is refreshing right? I apologize for the bad jokes. Even though she can’t swim, Masuzu can’t handle the obvious harassment from the other girls and jumps in anyways. The teacher is busy with another student so Eita has to perform CPR on his girlfriend. The two talk when Masuzu wakes up in the infirmary and things get reconciled with an oddly romantic aura. Don’t think that Chiwa gets left out though because Eita has to take care of her over the weekend when she gets a fever from running around in the rain after hearing about Eita being intimate with Masuzu. We find out that Chiwa has kept the chopsticks from the night when Eita promised to cure her which is a very heartwarming moment. However, it isn’t all serious because Masuzu has taken to calling Chiwa a chihuahua burglar because she is making moves on Eita. You know, your basic romantic comedy stuff. The show is really trying to make me root for Chiwa because she fits what I am looking for pretty well. As you may know, I usually root for the childhood friend, but Masuzu’s development is keeping her at number one for me. I don’t know why I can’t seem to go against her. Oh well, we get left with the introduction of our chuunibyou character. Himeka has been leaving Eita love letters which eventually forces him to meet with her. Apparently they have no prior connection and Himeka was simply mystified by Eita’s Burning Fighting Fighter routine. Himeka claims to have been his princess in a previous life and she gets overly touchy when our other two ladies walk in on them. Things are getting good.

We should all know CPR.

We should all know CPR.








Current Opinion of the Show:

Oreshura keeps getting better and better. The girls that have been introduced thus far have both received a great deal of development both personally and in connection with Eita which should appease viewers no matter who they are rooting for. I was a little disappointed with the fact that we barely got to see Himeka, but that is mostly a complaint regarding the twenty-four minute limit on these episodes. I wanted more, but I also loved everything that we got. Honestly, why must we wait a full week for the next episode? Don’t you hate it when a series is so good that it is painful waiting for more? Oh well, I am looking forward to seeing more Himeka and possibly a run in with the hall monitors.

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