Impression – Strike the Blood, Episode 01

Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 8.04.37 PMImpression:

When I read the description for this series, I thought that I was going to be watching a romantic comedy. The pictures gave a bit of it away as the description had a guy that didn’t want to be a powerful vampire being accompanied by a girl who has to observe him. What I ended up watching did indeed have those elements present, but we got so much more. They already started to introduce a very dark story that may or may not have piqued my interest in ways that it has not been piqued in quite some time. This supernatural shounen from Silver Link has a lot of potential.

A very blurry vampire and his familiar.


This story takes place in a world that knows about things like spirits and vampires. Due to a lack of natural environments in the very industrialized world, there has been a man-made island created off of the coast of Japan that facilitates the remaining supernatural population. Things are fairly normal there aside from berserk magic users that will get in trouble because they have identification bracelets. We are going to be getting some comedic stuff from the school. Our main character is a vampire that cannot take tests in the morning and is forced to take supplementary classes because of it. This very unfortunate guy is followed by a young girl that turns out to be an attack mage. She handles magic users and was sent to observe our main character. Why is that? Well, he is the Forth Primogenitor. That makes him a vampire with enough power to rival the entire military force available to combat him. Well, this power was not obtained by choice and Kojou basically isn’t up for world domination. The story will dive into the origin of his powers and the places they will take him.

I hope that we don’t get a duo centric plot.


Honestly, we only got to know two of the characters in this first episode. That doesn’t mean that they will be the only important ones, but it can be scary. Having a duo centric plot can really hurt a series. I will always stress the fact that it really held back Sword Art Online. The cool thing about these characters is that they will have links to the supernatural. Vampires, spirits, and those that fight them. I love stuff like this and I am way too excited to meet more of the characters in this series.

Kojou Akatsuki

Kojou is a “normal” high school protagonist. He may not stand out a lot, but he has a decent sense of justice and he is not into using his powers for evil. These powers are very important because they are extremely high level vampire powers. Kojou is the Forth Primogenitor and that means he can take on the military single-handedly. Unfortunately, the guy has an issue with his penis because he gains an extreme blood lust every time he gets turned on. Luckily, he can stop it with his own blood, but that is a dangerous condition to have in a teenage boy.

Yukina Himeragi

Yukina is a very proud middle school girl. She can back up this attitude with her abilities as a Sword Shaman. She uses her spear to fight supernatural beings and was entrusted with the task of observing Kojou by Lion King. She may be a bit too serious about he job because she is about to start following Kojou everywhere he goes.

We are obviously going to meet other characters along the ay such as villains and other students. I assume that the two we saw at the beginning of the episode are going to be fairly important. I just hope that they are developed well. They don’t have to be supernatural beings, but it may help.

That was a very unexpected scene.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I may be jumping the gun by saying this, but I am already in love with this series. Why is that? Well, it already shows elements that I look for in a series. I like romance, comedy, serious stories, and supernatural beings such as vampires. This series has all of that. Let’s leave the funny stuff for later because I have to tale about the flashback that we got at the end of the episode. A sunken city that was destroyed by the former Forth Primogenitor. Kojou may have had to kill her even though they seemed very close. I am going to jump to conclusions and make some general predictions regarding this scene. Kojou befriended a young girl that escaped experimentation. They became very close and she found out that Kojou hated his life and that he selfishly wanted every thing around him to be gone. She fulfilled that wish because she believed that Kojou would fulfill hers. That wish would be to be set free of her life as a lab rat. She wished for an escape and that escape was death. It isn’t hard to come up with that, but it could still be wrong. All I know is that I need to know more about this really serious flashback stuff.

I wonder how many times we will be seeing this scene in the series.

They may not have “romance” as a tag for this series on MyAnimeList, but I can’t help but think that it will show up eventually. I mean, the way that Yukina was talking to Kojou at the end of the episode speaks volumes about what is probably going down. Also, the preview made her sound like a depressed girlfriend. Also, Kojou probably loved the previous Forth Primogenitor. Having said all of that, I really just want the romance for the romantic comedy stuff. I think that this can be a funny series, but I would like fewer panty shots. We don’t really need those. I kind of see this as a Hataraku Maou-sama! with a heavier focus on the serious story. The comedy won’t be there, but the forbidden love and the powerful demon that does not want to enslave humanity seem to be present. Overall, this is shaping up to be the kind of series that I eagerly await for six days every week. I just hope that I am not building this series up too much in my head because that can lead to a bad experience even if it is an alright series.

They are always blondes.

7 responses to “Impression – Strike the Blood, Episode 01

  1. I ended up watching this one on a friend’s recommendation, and probably wouldn’t have bothered to watch it for a while on my own. That said though, it was an enjoyable first episode and it seems quite promising. Looks like there’s lots of development and backstory material to be revealed in the episodes ahead.

    • First off, I love the profile picture. Secondly, I have high hopes for this series. I think that we can get a fairly rich story from it if the writing holds up and I definitely don’t see it ending after one season. It may not be the next great series, but it is definitely entertaining. There aren’t a lot of things that worry me at this point in time, but it is still pretty early.

      • Thanks, it’s always great to see a fellow Lelouch fan. I also have high hopes for it, not sure how much to expect from it but I’m fairly certain I’ll enjoy it either way. I heard it’s going to be 2-cour, so hopefully that’ll be the case. Can’t say for sure how it’ll all go but I’m looking forward to watching the rest and the series does have some potential.

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