Review – Young Justice, Season 01


Don’t call them sidekicks.








I am a very big fan of what DC has been putting out recently. The New 52 has taken up quite a bit of my time recently, but comics aren’t the only things that DC has been putting out recently. Do you guys remember when Teen Titans was on Cartoon Network. I do and I was a huge fan of the series. Unfortunately, the ending of Teen Titans was handled horribly and it left a bad taste in my mouth. Luckily, after all these years DC and Cartoon Network have decided to take another crack at the whole teen hero cartoon series and I must say that it could not have come at a better time. I am a huge fan of what DC has done with teams of young heroes and I finally have a reason to wake up early on Saturday mornings again.

This team of former sidekicks are out to prove themselves.

This team of former sidekicks are out to prove themselves.









Have you ever worked under someone and been upset with the fact that they get all of the recognition for work that you were a part of? Have you ever wanted to do things on your own, but people didn’t believe in you? Have you ever wanted to leave the shadow of others and cast your own for once? Well, the former sidekicks of Young Justice are out to prove that the training they have undergone means something. Young Justice functions in a world where the Justice League is trying to take care of the planet, but things are not going as well as they would like to think. Quite a few of these major heroes have decided to take on apprentices to teach the next generation the way of crime fighting because not all of us are immortal. The problem is that only being able to fight when your master is around really limits what you can do there is far too much crime being left unattended due to the inability to spread work around. Luckily, when Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash go on a little field trip together, they prove that not only are they ready for bigger jobs, but that there are things that the Justice League doesn’t know about. Young Justice is a series that revolves around a team of young heroes under the command of Batman that take on covert missions while continuing their training.

The new team.

The new team.









Although the members of the team appear in a pretty staggered fashion, they are all very important to the story and their powers are very interesting. Aqualad is Aquman’s apprentice and the leader of the team. Aqualad is very mature and fights with a mix of natural Atlantean strength and combat sorcery taught to him at the Atlantean Academy. Dick Grayson is Robin and the apprentice of Batman. Although he has a lot of experience in the field, Robin is the youngest member of the team so he cannot be the leader yet. Robin uses the same utility belt style of fighting that Batman does with a little bit more hacking thrown in. Wally West is Kid Flash, the apprentice of the Flash, and the team’s resident scientist. Wally is goofy and quick to fall for a girl, but his ability to run faster than the speed of sound is invaluable to the team. Superboy is  half human clone of superman that was found on the team’s first unofficial mission. Superboy lacks laser vision, flight, and the level of strength that Superman has, but all of the other powers are there. As a clone, Superboy has some trouble fitting in with the other members of the team, but he does grow as the series progresses. Artemis is the apprentice of Green Arrow, but she is not accepted immediately. Artemis is quick to snap at others and she has quite the troublesome family tree. Red Arrow is Green Arrow’s other apprentice that runs solo. Tired of the lack of respect that he has received, Red cut ties with the Justice League, but he still wants to look out for his friends. Miss Martian is Martian Manhunter’s niece. Miss Martian fights with psychic powers much like her uncle and she also is in control of the team’s space ship. Zatanna is the daughter of Zatara and a user of the mystic arts. Rocket is the apprentice of Icon and a user of powers similar to his such as flight, energy blasts, and force fields. That is the teams and they have quite a few League members that spend time with them. Batman, Black Canary, Red Tornado, and Captain Marvel all play a big role in the team’s development. Prepare to see almost all of your favorite DC heroes get some screen time in this series.

The Justice League isn't the only team of heroes out there protecting the world.

The Justice League isn’t the only team of heroes out there protecting the world.











I love Young Justice. Imagine if Teen Titans lost the majority of its comedic elements and you basically have Young Justice. The series is more serious without defaulting into a gritty reboot that is far too overdone in today’s entertainment industry. The way in which we are introduced to the apprentices is very refreshing because we can’t always focus on Batman and Superman. I am a huge fan of the whole teen hero thing and shows like this are why I am such a big endorser of the genre. The plot is intelligent and the journeys that we see the team members undergo throughout the story will make you very attached to the characters. The missions are exciting and the fight scenes are very entertaining. All in all we are given a well executed story that is a must watch for fans of DC and third-party viewers.

DC Nation has been putting out some great material.

DC Nation has been putting out some great material.






Final Say:

Watch Young Justice. The first season is already over so you won’t have to wait on the biannual hiatus thing that Cartoon Network subjects its fans to. You can find all of the episodes on DVD, but I am not a fan of the way that they were released. There are three volumes that cover the first half of season one and a set of DVD’s that cover the entire second half. An odd way to do it and I am waiting for a season one box set to come out before I buy it. The series is currently airing the second half of season two that you can catch on Cartoon Network on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10:30 am pacific standard time. Young Justice is a show that is definitely worth your time if you are a fan of DC, Teen Titans, or good shows in general. I hope that you like it and season two will definitely not disappoint fans of season one.

The teams grows up and finds some new members in Invasion.

The teams grow up and finds some new members in Invasion.

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