Impression: Ishida to Asakura – Episode 01

Hey look, another anime short.

Based on a surreal gag manga, Ishida to Asakura follows two high school boys, the titular Ishida and Asakura, and the odd misadventures that occur in their classroom. You have a guy with an afro and an odd speech pattern, his friend who secretly loves him, the class nerd with buck teeth that reach all the way down to the floor, a girl that also secretly loves afro-sensei, and a teacher with a huge rack.

There’s also a magic trick involving a pencil.

I really don’t know what to say about this show. The situations are beyond nonsensical, with seemingly everyone in the class in love with this guy for the sake of conflict. Ishida is emotionless, dull, and has random pauses in his sentences. It’s like Christopher Walken without the likability. The supporting characters are an odd bunch. Why does this kid have such huge buck teeth? How does he even eat, let alone talk? And why does every woman here have giant boobs?

And there’s the fact that Asakura KILLS Buck Teeth by jamming a pencil through his forehead. That’s first-degree right there. The humor was all pitch-and-miss for me, even for a 2 minute show.

By the way, this show has an OP in the MIDDLE of the episode, and no ending credits. It’s bad enough that this episode was 2 minutes long, but a quarter of that was me sitting through an Opening credits sequence in the middle of the episode before jumping right back into the action. What’s the point of having the credits there when you still have a minute to go? Why does this show exist??

The humor is crude, the characters are ridiculously bad, and the animation is horrible. This show gets a solid PASS from me.

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