Impression: Boku no Imouto wa “Osaka Okan” – Episode 02

If you watched last week’s episode, this week’s offering is more of the same.

Following last week’s format, the episode follows Kyousuke and his sister Namika as they discuss the differences between Osakan folk and the average Japanese person. The first lesson talks about how Osakans can’t watch TV without talking back to it. The second lesson talks about a TV personality named Numakami Mieko, and how Osakans like her no matter what they say about her. Lastly, the third lesson talks about how everyone has different ways of cooking Okonomiyaki.

The “lessons” in each episode are amusing, I’ll admit. I find myself talking back whenever I watch something on TV (I have a particularly hard time shutting up during sitcoms). And I’m sure we’re all guilty of secretly liking a celebrity or TV personality at some point in our lives. The show’s lack of plot makes it more suitable for teaching people about Osaka culture in anime form, which in some ways works.

However, watching an animated “Idiot’s Guide to Osaka” with a cute tsundere girl and a weird animation style (it reminds me of watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force) doesn’t make for very interesting entertainment. Unless you’re very interested in Osaka culture and don’t mind watching 3 minutes of this each week, this series will get old fast. Boku no Imouto wa “Osaka Okan” will be a pass for me.

Last thoughts:

  • I’ve never had okonomiyaki before, and everytime I see some in anime, it makes my mouth water.
  • How long until everyone is officially sick of the “tsundere girl from Osaka” stereotype?

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