Impression – Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, Episode 02

Ore Shura








I have some very mixed feelings regarding this episode. The obvious harem antics come into the light when Chiwa confronts Eita and Masuzu. It is painfully obvious how Chiwa feels about Eita, but the way that her character conducts herself in this episode kind of irritated me. The classic desire to keep the guy and new girl from being alone together is there, but Chiwa’s constant need to be popular is odd. I see how being popular is an attempt to both make Eita jealous and be appealing enough to seal the deal with our main guy, but I am just not a fan of how they are constantly having her do odd things to attract other guys. The whole club to make you popular thing will hopefully not keep doing that. You can tell that the club is Mazusa’s way of messing with Chiwa and reminding Eita that he belongs to her which I actually find pretty entertaining. I am enjoying the series as it is, but the whole harem anime thing is boring until we get the rest of the harem members. Hopefully we get to see them soon and the club members will be a little more honest about their feelings.

Do not swing around empty guitar cases.

Do not swing around empty guitar cases.










Current Opinion of the Show:

Ore Shura is doing something that is very difficult and that is making me not cheer for the childhood friend. I am really liking what I am seeing out of Masuzu because she is not just another bland love interest. Some people call her a bitch, I call her a character in development. I am thinking that Eita is going to grow with her and I can see great things from these two moving forward. The series is keeping up some nice comedy and with a little more from Chiwa, I can see my feelings regarding this show staying strongly positive. I look forward to meeting more love interests in this show.

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