Impression – Senyuu., Episode 02

We have another hero's journey on our hands.








So Senyuu. has become a highlight of my week. The series has established itself as a comedy and I enjoy that because there is no way you can have a serious adventure told in five-minute long episodes. We see Ross getting more and more ridiculous with his tormenting of Aruba which makes for nice humor and I am really starting to enjoy their dynamic. Things get bloody and we learn to not play with knives when Aruba accidentally impaled a young girl. Luckily they can save her, but we find out that the soda loving little girl is actually the demon king. Honestly, how many series are going to have non-threatening, female demon kings? Oh well, I really like Ruki’s voice actress and I am excited for her to become a recurring character in the series.

Well, it's not like I hate the whole female demon king thing.

Well, it’s not like I hate the whole female demon king thing.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I wish this series had full length episodes. The humor is great and I am really liking the characters in the show, but five minutes is not enough to keep me satisfied from week to week. The duration of the episodes is not a quality complaint, but a selfish desire. The episodes function well enough in the time given and the bonus about them being this short is that you should be able to make time for it every week. I am hungry for more material and I am looking forward to seeing some new characters.

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