Impression – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next, Episode 02

Kodaka has to deal with too much shit.








Well, let’s just say that I am in love with the comedy in this series. The way that the group reacts to watch an all ages version of an intense yaoi anime is hilarious. The fact that they are watching something called Homo Game Club in the first place is crazy enough. We finally get to see more of Rika which is nice because she is a character that I really enjoy. When Kodaka accidentally told everyone how much he enjoyed Rika’s new look I saw a great moment for this show’s harem element. Everyone’s reaction was fantastic and I watched the opening scene quite a few times because of how much I enjoyed it. Aside from that, I was a little bothered by the new character. Maria’s older sister is a busty nun that was getting drunk in the middle of the day at a Catholic school. Come on now. Add that to the fact that these nun outfits are pretty slutty and that she is only fifteen and we have a very odd character. I don’t need more troubled nuns in Kodaka’s harem.

We all love a good anime.

We all love a good anime.









Current Opinion of the Show:

I still love this series. For the most part I am enjoying the humor and giving a smaller character much-needed screen time was something that I was looking forward to. I am bothered by the whole odd nun thing, but that is a personal bias that non-religious people shouldn’t find troublesome. I am liking the fact that more of the girls are being honest with their feelings because I really enjoy the romantic element of this anime. I am a fan of Sena getting with Kodaka personally. I am looking forward to seeing more of Kodaka and Sena hanging out together.

2 responses to “Impression – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next, Episode 02

  1. I’m not religious but the slutty nun thing does bother me. The child nun thing bothered me. It just seems like disrespectful fetishism. I mean, how long before Japan gives us a 15 year old, big breasted Rabbi? Seriously, it’s like anime writers walk into women’s Halloween costume sections for character inspiration.

    Also, how could you not support Yozora? Team Yozora all the way…

    • I am usually the biggest supporter of childhood friends, but I have not seen enough development for me to not think that Yozora is just a bitch. I mean, there are limits to what you can do to other people. Given, Kodaka is her territory in Yozora’s mind and you could say that it fits in with the comedic style of the series, but I am a fan of the way that Kodaka is showing Sena what a guy is like when he isn’t just after her body. I am just not a fan of Yozora’s character, but the light novels have a lot of material that has yet to see animation.

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