Impression – Cuticle Tantei Inaba, Episode 03

cuticle tantei inaba








Well, we got our Valentine’s Day episode and it is only January. More mindless comedy was given to us that was actually pretty funny. This series cannot seem to escape its obvious boy’s love element that is a part of basically every storyline. Inaba accidentally falling in love with Kei due to a love potion really sets off Yuuta which was cool because I think he needs more screen time. I found the second story in this episode to be the more entertaining one which is odd because I normally love Valentine’s Day episodes. We get to see another police doberman from France. She is a little girl who is scared of a lot of things, including Ogi, but don’t let the little girl act fool you. The way that she attacks the Don was hilarious because she didn’t transform to do it. Watching the little girl run around like a wild dog was pretty funny. Honestly, I don’t see much of a story in this series yet which has me a little worried because this mindless comedy isn’t really doing it for me at times.

I want some chocolate now.

I want some chocolate now.










Current Opinion of the Show:

Cuticle Tantei Inaba has me a little worried. The humor is nice, but I feel like they could be doing more with it. The series is also suffering from the lack of a story which will keep serious viewers from sticking with it if they don’t do something about that pretty soon. If you like the mindless comedy, you won’t really have any issues, but that isn’t really the kind of person I am. I am looking forward to some real story because I am going to need it moving forward.

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