Top Picks – The 5 Anime Series that Need a Third Season

A third season would be shocking at this point for a lot of these series.

A third season would be shocking at this point for a lot of these series.

People enjoy things that come in 3’s. Trilogies are fun when it comes to things like the Christopher Nolan Batman and the original Star Wars. We beg for games like Half Life 3 and Dead or Alive 3. People rejoiced when The World God Only Knows was getting a third season. Unfortunately, much like a Gabe Newell game, many series in Japan do not get a third installment. Movies and OVA’s can only do so much for fans that want to see the continuation of their favorite stories. We can only stumble upon so many manga and light novel spoilers before we say enough is enough. Here is a lit of five series that I think are deserving of a third season. They are all quality series, but we may have differing opinions because I did not watch all of K-On! yet. Well, there is a special section after the main one for other people.

5). Full Metal Panic! (Kyoto Animation)

Sousuke is hilarious.

Season Two Ended on October 20, 2005

This is something that really irritates me. I really enjoyed Full Metal Panic! because it has a great ship and Sousuke is one of my favorite characters to reach animation. His inability to get rid of the military mindset is comedy gold. What is unfortunate about this one? The series ended back in 2005. It has been about eight years since this series was running and that is bad in a lot of ways. Casual fans have forgotten about it and they no longer care about a third season. Hardcore fans are tired of fighting what seems like a losing battle. The worst thing is the fact that the animation quality reflects the age of the series. Newer fans that are used to things like Free! and the Monogatari series may not appreciate a series because they can’t stand older animation. I know some of these people and I hate them. If you have not watched this series, then I recommend it to people who enjoy ridiculous humor, romance, and mechs. Trust me when I say that people love this series and that fans would love to see a third season for it.

4). Arakawa Under the Bridge (SHAFT)

I love crazy people.

Season Two Ended on December 27, 2010

Fans of the blog, all two of you, should know that I really enjoy this series. SHAFT brought us a ridiculous series that often made us question what is truly important in life. Comedy and life lessons were brought together in a package that seemed to be very unique at the time. What is unfortunate about this one? The series itself has already been messed up from a chronological standpoint. The sketch comedy style gave us bits and pieces that were taken from various chapters in the manga. A lot of jumping around resulted in a bit of a mess, but the story did seem to flow when we actually got a taste of plot progression. It has been almost three years since this one left the air, so fans have not been waiting too long. Unfortunately, three years seems like an eternity to most people. There is only a one season gap between Kakumeiki Valvrave seasons one and two. If you have not watched this series, then I recommend it to people who are looking for laughs. I just hope that you like crazy people. Once again, I have only heard good things about this series and fans would love to see more.

3). Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Media Factory)

They are perfect together.

Season Two Ended on March 29, 2013

I don’t need to tell people that this is a popular series. People really love the band of misfits that come together to be Kodaka’s harem. There is fun to be had with awkward comedy and interesting romance. What is unfortunate about this one? Honestly, it would be the fact that the second season ended as recently as it did. There isn’t a great deal of material left and we are definitely going to have to wait for this one. Season gaps for series that aren’t adaptations of Shounen Jump manga can be pretty brutal. Luckily, it took less than a year and a half for the second season to follow-up on the first one. I would say that history would be promising if it wasn’t for the lack of material available. I just hope that the quality jump between seasons one and two occurs again between seasons two and three. Next was way better than season one. If you have not watched this series, then I would recommend it to anyone that wants to watch a harem series done right. Unique characters, good writing, and a unique flare that helps it stand out in a crowded field make fans impatient for a third season of this series.

2). Spice and Wolf (Brains Base)

I love the trade system.

Season Two Ended on September 24, 2009

If you did not know about this series, then you have at least seen images of Holo. Who is Holo you ask? The chick in the picture that looks like she is part wolf. This is a series with a beautiful ship and a unique concept that has brought in quite a few dedicated fans. I swear that like five of them are not here to call Holo their waifu. What is Unfortunate about this one? It has been about four years since we have seen this series. That is quite a bit of time for fans and this is a ridiculously popular series we are talking about. It is really tough trying to get your hands on the light novels over here in the United States, so I haven’t had my Spice and Wolf fix in a while. This is the kind of series that people always love when I show it to them and everyone I know is waiting for more. If you have not watched this series, then I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a unique story concept and a fun romance. Think of a more practical Maouyuu Maou Yuusha. The outcry of Holo fanboys is enough to warrant a third season for this series.

1). Toaru Majutsu no Index (J.C. Staff)

Touma will punch his way to a third season.

Season Two ended on April 1, 2011

Here is a series that has recently captivated both my sister and myself. I will always want to watch Touma punch his way to peace, happiness, and gender equality. If you don’t believe me when I say that the war between religion and science, magicians and espers, and Touma and faces is a war that people want to see completed, then you obviously have not looked at light novel sales and popularity contests. What is unfortunate about this one? Not a lot actually. We are currently watching the second season of the spin-off series coming to a close and a movie was recently released for the main series. The popularity and impact in recent memory is good, so the only negative may be the workload. A new spin-off series and the current projects have the creator spread quite thin. If you have not watched this series, then I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys interesting fights, powers, and explanations for said powers. Be prepared for a class in biblical history and basic physics. Do try to watch Toaru Kagaku no Railgun as well because it is a great series in and of itself. People want more and we will hopefully get more.

The Fun Ones

The Third Season that Should not Have Happened

Shakugan no Shana III (Final) (J.C. Staff)

I don’t want to remember this one.

Season Three Began on October 8, 2011

I don’t care what people say about the visuals, sound effects, and action scenes in the third season of Shakugan no Shana. That story was atrocious. A story that I had grown to love was turned into a mess of anti-villains, illogical schemes, and idiocy on the part of many characters. I don’t ever want to watch another exchange between Shana and evil Yuuji. The end of the second season was taken on a roller coaster ride that seemed to lack common sense. Aside from that, the action scenes did have their moments. Honestly though, I think that a lot of people would like a redo when it comes to this one. Before the third season, my biggest complaint regarding this series was the incestuous twins in the first season. Yuuji doesn’t need to be evil in order to avoid being a bitch. They could have simply given us the choice on Christmas and been done with the series after an epilogue OVA or something like that. My brain hurts from remembering this.

The Third Season that was Done Wrong

Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties (Manglobe)

I chose this picture for the confused looks.

Season Three Began on April 9, 2013

I was a big fan of this series. Seasons one and two were pretty damn funny and I really enjoyed a lot of the characters in the series. I even decided to read ahead in the manga because I am a big fan of the writing. What I found was amazing. The story becomes more coherent and we get introduced to some pretty cool characters along the way. What was the problem with season three of this series? They changed the art style and decided to go with an original story. That is just stupid. The art wasn’t fantastic, but they gave all of the characters helmet hair in the third season. Also, the original story was lacking in a lot of ways. I think it would have been better to stay on course with the manga. Overall, I would want this one back if I were in charge of the series. We still need more from this series, but not like this. I couldn’t sit through this one.

My Picks for the Guys

Bryan ~ K-On! (Kyoto Animation)

I still need to finish this series.

Season Two Ended On September 29, 2010

Bryan watches a lot of anime and I am sure that he may want to see more from other series. I can’t say for sure that K-On! would be his top pick for a third season, but I do know that he wants one and that this series is ridiculously popular. I don’t think that there can be a list like this one without the inclusion of KyoAni’s favorite band. If you like anime, then you should at least recognize these characters. K-On! definitely has the popularity to warrant a third season, but it has been about three years since the second season ended. Why haven’t we gotten another season yet? KyoAni could be working on other projects instead, but they should recognize the revenue potential that comes along with K-On! receiving a third season. Oh well, things like Free! should be able to appease us for now. I really should watch this series sometime.

Daniel ~ The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Kyoto Animation)

Kyon needs help.

Season Two Ended on September 11, 2009

This one is an easy pick for Daniel. It is his favorite series and something that is in desperate need of a third season. The light novel series has finished and there is more than enough material available to make another few seasons of the anime. Heck, the popularity of the movie alone should have told KyoAni to get up from their piles of money to put out another season. Unfortunately, a bit of controversy involving a few essential members of the crew may be keeping things from getting picked up again. That is unfortunate because I really am enjoying the story from the light novels. I own all of the ones that have been translated thus far. The series may be odd and the actual story may be a bit convoluted, but fans appreciate the depth. I would say that this one is bound to get a third season, but I see K-On! getting one before Haruhi.

Final Say

There are a lot of series that need a third season. What is holding them back? A lack of material, money, and being associated with Kyoto Animation are all common factors in this equation. Seriously though, KyoAni is in charge of three of the series on this list. I guarantee that Gabe Newell is in charge of Kyoto Animation. These are all series that could use a third season, but the likelihood of that happening varies based on the series itself. I think that I have pretty much given up on Full Metal Panic! unfortunately. Oh well, Toaru Majutsu no Index and its spin-off series will both be due for continuation shortly. I will just have to keep on hoping that these will come out soon. Next time I should make a list of video games that need a third installment.

It will never be real.

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