Impression – Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman, Episode 04








Well, whoever wanted to have a fan service episode finally got a taste of one. The episode starts out with Roman being pulled away from his failed attempt at gambling in order to hear the request of a fallen lord. Throughout the history of the world many famous families have come and gone and this remnant of a once proud family is out to restore his name. Roman agrees to help the boy find his family’s treasure because of the ten million ryo reward. The gang gets together to dive into the bottom of a lake in order to get the sunken goods, but bandits, a giant catfish, and a mech stand in their way. Yes, those are actual threats that they encounter. We see classic traps and whatnot along the way and unfortunately their efforts do not bear fruit, but the show’s theme persists. Roman has a strong sense of nationality in a time where Japan’s livelihood is at risk. Seeing a young man who wishes to restore the country to its former glory really warms our hero’s heart. I enjoyed this more light-hearted episode, but there were some things that were not necessary. I found the use of scuba gear and a mech interesting, but that wasn’t the only futuristic technology that we got to see.

Watch out for Big Daddy.

Watch out for Big Daddy.












Current Opinion of the Show:

I have pretty much settled in with my expectations of the show. It appears that Roman the Animation will be running for quite a while so they will not force significant plot progression into every episode. The actual story is actually really interesting with the struggle for Japan and out-of-place fighters running around. However, did they really need to bring bikinis into the picture for like thirty seconds of fan service? Oh well, even serious shows get stuff like that so it is to be expected of a show like Bakumatsu. I am enjoying this show, but some plot heavy episodes would be nice going forward.

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