Impression – Senyuu., Episode 04









We finally got to see who was the bearer of that second hero’s badge and it was someone who wasn’t very hero-like. The guy is a cleaver swinging murderer who decided that it would be a good idea to kill our team in order to obtain the cash reward that the king was giving out. However, the old soldier Rudolf that was with the hero, whose name is Foifoi, decides to act in the defense of the demon king. This seems noble until you find out that he is only doing it because he is a lolicon. Rudolf even loses interest when he thinks that Ruki is actually hundreds of years old only to gain back his spirits when it is revealed that she is essentially ten. This is pretty creepy, but he has been useful in keeping the deranged Foifoi at bay. Ross has already been cut and Rudolf is dealing with an injury, but this is a four and a half-minute long episode with an ending thrown in there so we didn’t really get to see much in terms of fighting. The show is leaving the conclusion of the battle for later, but the comedy in this episode really had me going.

Only a crazy person could use one of these as a weapon.

Only a crazy person could use one of these as a weapon.










Current Opinion of the Show:

The laughs keep coming with this very interesting series. There are really two roads that a series with such short episodes can travel. One is where the lack of story leaves the viewer thinking that they just wasted five minutes of their life. The other is the one where the viewer is desperate for more. Senyuu. is the kind of anime that gets you thinking the latter. I am looking forward to seeing what Ross will do in the next episode.

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