Impression: Kotoura-san – Episode 04


Episode 04 – “Changing World”

Last time on Dragonball Z, er, I mean Kotoura-san, Kotoura left town because she felt guilty for causing trouble for Manbe and Moritani. It turns out that she fled back to her parents’ house, where only her grandfather resides at the moment. The ESP Research Society decides to literally hunt down their missing Kotoura, and they eventually meet up with the friendly shrine priest, Oshou. Interestingly, Oshou developed quite an interest for the world of psychic powers, ever since Kotoura was brought to his shrine ten years ago. It’s rather nice to see that despite having a horrible childhood experience, Kotoura was able to indirectly impact someone in a non-negative (in fact, rather positive) manner.


Kotoura’s grandfather makes his reappearance since the very first episode, and what we get is something that wasn’t completely surprising to me (I don’t know if I should be happy about that). His character bounces back and forth from the caring parental figure to a totally perverted old man. To make matters worse, he seems to have the hots for his own granddaughter. He even calls Manabe a novice in the art of harassing Kotoura. Like this show needed more mindless perverts, but I guess it keeps them safe from Kotoura’s ESP.


Something that must be mentioned is the great BGM in this episode. The lush orchestral accompaniment really help dramatize the events of bringing back Kotoura. It makes it really feel like a rescue mission, though in that sense it can feel a bit out of place too (like making something epic that shouldn’t be). Also, the funniest part of the episode is when Mifune throws Kotoura onto the ground and Muroto throws a net on her to capture her.

This episode acts as the end of the exposition arc, and we finally get to see a nicer Moritani. Even though she apologizes to Kotoura, it still feels like a developmental rip-off. It was almost too easy for Moritani to get off the hook. But I suppose it makes sense since Kotoura was able to tell how truly sorry she was. Definitely looking forward to the new episodes, which look to be more slice-of-life-esque and involving all the characters interacting with each other. Fun awaits, it would seem!



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