Impression – Senyuu., Episode 05









First of all,¬†and most major sub groups have fixed the spelling of “Aruba’s” name. It is actually Alba which makes a lot of sense. Just a point of clarification before we get things started. Well, we got more of the pedophile soldier which is odd. He deserved to get that abdomen wound in my opinion, but I digress. The thing of note in this episode would be Ross actually fighting. The odd pipes on his back and the metal thing on his left hand are part of a lawnmower like engine setup. Apparently, this is a special technique which prompts Foifoi to start declaring the name of his secret attack. However, Ross hits him mid sentence in order to keep Foifoi from using his attack. This happens after Roos mocked Foifoi for waiting on everyone to stop talking before attacking again. Nice little satire on battle anime and their tedious battle scenes. Honestly, try going back to watch a fight from Dragon Ball Z and not fall asleep. I enjoyed that series, but those fights were ridiculous. Watch Dragon Ball Z Kai because that series does a good job of condensing the original series. Back on topic, this episode was funny.

I can't eat on the grass because of allergies.

I can’t eat on the grass because of allergies.









Current Opinion of the Show:

I like the humor in Senyuu. and it is convenient that the short episodes are easy to fit into a busy schedule, but I am starting to get bothered by the lack of weekly material. At this stage in the game it is still a good thing that I want more because it means that the show has good material, but that can only last so long. I want this series to be more than something that is worth four and a half minutes out of your week. It sucks that we will probably never get full length episodes from this series because it is very difficult to tell an adventure story like this. It can even get tough with full length episodes. Oh well, I look forward to seeing the adventure actually begin.

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