Impression – Cuticle Tantei Inaba, Episode 07

cuticle tantei inaba








You know how sometimes a series will give us a filler episode that acts like a sketch comedy, but it is funny and fillers are necessary at times so it is alright? Well, when half of the series has been filler comedy and you get an extra pointless filler episode, things can start to get very disappointing. That is what we got in this episode. From an alternate universe where they are all in high school, to a world where Don Valentino looks like a buff goat, we got to see more stuff that proved to be useless. If that segment where a man meets Inaba as a boy and raises Yata becomes important, then this will not be a complete loss, but that is the most promising part of the whole thing. The first part functions like your normal parody, then we meet Kei’s roommate, then we get possible back story, but the last segment really gave me mixed feelings. First off, the entire thing was basically a far more serious version of what we have been getting. Real mafia, buff goat, and actual violence. I was upset because if the series functioned like this last segment, then I might actually enjoy this anime. The whole Last Samurai reference at the end also irritated me because I did not like that movie.

If Tom Cruise can be the last samurai, then why not an animated goat?

If Tom Cruise can be the last samurai, then why not an animated goat?











Current Opinion of the Show:

I am actually starting to get fed up with this series. I do not have the time for something that is going to have no point to it. The story exists, but doesn’t progress, the gags are getting stale and aren’t good enough to keep my attention, and it is not keeping up with the quality series in this season. If I don’t see something that changes my mind next week, then I will have to force myself to finish the rest of these episodes.

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