Impression – Go On, Episode 16

Go On - Season 1









Raise your hand if you wanted to see more George. Well, even if you didn’t raise your hand, I think you will enjoy what we got to see out of him in this episode. We find out that George used to be a detective because he needs to help Lauren track down a disgruntled group member. Why does Lauren need to find a disgruntled group member. Well, that can be explained by a common theme that our two main stories follow which is not living your life to please others. This is a concept of which I am a huge fan. I won’t tell you that I am a hipster because that is a group of people who continues to confuse me, but I will say that the way that I live my life does not fit society’s definition of normal. Unfortunately, living your life with the goal of being yourself, disregarding illegal habits of course, is not a very common thing. Ryan’s story gives us a good example of a double-edged sword when love makes you try to be someone who you aren’t. Ryan tries to impress Simone by taking a moral stand against doing live adds for male enhancement products which leads to him going on a meditation weekend. Well, it turns out that not everyone can do the whole spiritual thing and that some of us are good at things like talking about sports. Anne provides some great advice about not losing who you are when trying to please someone because it is essentially lying to them. If people can’t love each other for who they are, then that is a horrible foundation that can often come undone when things get tough. Lauren’s story involves giving out anonymous evaluation sheets t the group in order to be a better leader. Well, when someone gives Lauren a 2/5 for listening, things get a little out of hand. Lauren employs Yolanda and George to help her track down the unhappy member only to find out that it was Yolanda herself that gave Lauren the bad score. Even after all of that, Lauren feels down because she realized that every group member gets unhappy with the group meetings at times, but George quickly sets her straight. “What you see is the truth and the truth is good.” Lauren can’t worry about every little thing that people think about her because all she can do is try to improve herself every day. Some good life lessons were thrown out in this episode.

Do not underestimate George's detective skills.

Do not underestimate George’s detective skills.













Current Opinion of the Show:

Go On is definitely missed every time it has to take a break. The show mixes comedy and drama in a way that is uncommon when compared to its competitors. I know that what I mentioned in the above section may make this episode seem a little too heavy to be classified as a comedy, but that is not the case. Whether it is George thinking that Danny is the Zodiac Killer,Fausta calling out Ryan’s english, or anything Mr. K does, the laughs are definitely there. I think that Go On is a show that deserves way more recognition than it is getting and I hope that you are currently watching this show. If you aren’t, then you definitely need to get on that. I am currently looking forward to seeing more Terrell Owens.

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