Impression: Sasami-san@Ganbaranai – Episode 02

Sasami-san Ganbaranai - 02 - Large 13|Home Security Guard|

For those of you who are still here despite the oddity that is the first episode of Sasami-san@Ganbaranai, you’ll be happy to know that questions are answered this time around.

The episode opens up with Sasami writing up a chapter in “The Sasami Report.” In it, she talks about the existence of gods in all things known to man and that the supreme god Amaterasu rules over everything. In the hierarchy of the gods, those of lesser rank will bend to the will of a stronger god in order to appease it (“Transformations”). She goes on to explain that she was once the mortal vessel that held Amaterasu’s power, and that her brother now holds the supreme god’s power. Because of that, the “chocolate incident” occurred on Valentine’s Day as a result of the gods wanting to grant her brother’s wishes. Sasami ends her report by commenting that the Yagami sisters also seem to have the powers of high-ranking gods themselves, and that she’ll keep a close eye on them as well as her brother.

It’s great that things were cleared up immediately in this episode, especially since a lot of the events in the previous episode seemed like utter nonsense. It looks like the focus of this series will be on humans wielding the power of gods, which in this case is Kamiomi. Considering his attitude toward his sister, it looks like we’ll be dealing with all the mishaps that occur with the gods constantly trying to grant his desires.

Meanwhile at the school, Tsurugi is playing Jenga with Kamiomi. Kagami berates her older sister for neglecting her teaching duties, while Tsurugi rebuffs that all Kagami does is sleep. Tsurugi notices that most of the students are absent, which Kagami explains is a result of a popular MMORPG called “The Great Eight-forked Serpent SNS” that everyone is hooked on playing. Ironically, the game is a fantasy social-networking game with magic and fighting in a school setting. Suspicious that the game might be a result of a Transformation, they decide to try the game out themselves.

At Sasami’s house, the Yagami sisters including Kamiomi borrow Sasami’s computers and being playing. Worried that the sisters will destroy the game, but not wanting them to find out that she’s spent hundreds of hours playing the game, Sasami attempts to sabotage their attempts to play the game. However, she fails and ends up revealing that she spends a lot of time at home playing.

I used to have terrible OCD when it came to other people entering my room and touching my things. Seeing Sasami slowly lose her shit as the Yagami sisters got a little too comfortable in her sanctuary was funny for me to watch because I’ve gone through the same things. I also can’t STAND greasy fingers on my keyboard. I stopped eating too much in front of my laptop, and when I do I always make sure to clean my fingers dry before typing.

As Sasami is getting scolded, a dark dragon appears and people start getting sucked into the game itself. Sasami and the Yagami sisters get sucked inside as well, and they discover that a great dragon is absorbing all of the other players. Tsurugi explains that the dragon came into being 3 years ago, and Sasami realizes that she must’ve created the dragon back when she had Amaterasu’s powers in order to keep the game from shutting down. After assuring the dragon that its job is done, everything gets set back to normal.

This episode subtly touches on the subject of gamers who invest countless hours into an MMO game, which is becoming more and more common. I’ve thankfully never gotten sucked into playing an MMO like WoW or LoL, but I’ve always found myself among people who really get into those types of games. In fact, back in high school for a senior project, I did a PSA video with Bryan (TheCheckerKnights) about Video Game Addiction and put it on Youtube. It was poorly made, poorly researched, and I hope none of my readers ever find it.

Lingering thoughts:

  • The weird facial animations that Shaft is known for make a return!
  • “We teachers care less about you students than you think we do”. Well that’s brutally honest.
  • I loved the character sprites in the game. Reminded me of Habbo Hotel (remember that?) and Gaia Online, which I should still have an account for, somewhere…
  • “I’m not interested in normal humans.” Another Haruhi reference? Shaft, you’ve got to stop teasing me. It’s bad enough that I’m still waiting for a new season.

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