Impression – Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman, Episode 10








We hit some big time issues in this episode. Okuni gets shot and falls off of the boat that she took Koharu to. Obviously, the foreign forces don’t need their hired hand now that they have what they want. Hans finds her on his search for bodies to experiment on. Don’t worry, he is a good guy so he only experiments on dead bodies. Dr. Hans saves Okuni’s life. As Roman looked over Okuni’s unconscious body he let’s out all of his pent-up emotions regarding his past failure. Watching Otsu being taken away was the toughest thing that Roman ever had to go through and it still affects him. Well, Okuni was awake to hear all of this and she tells Roman about he backstory after a little probing. Okuni was poor. Not the “I can’t afford to get the new Xbox” kind of situation that people call poor, but the “I have to eat tree roots and snow” kind of situation which is real poverty. Not to make light of the serious situation, but does anyone else remember that Jesse from Pokémon had to eat snow growing up? Yeah, that show wasn’t just pokémon battles and Ash being immortal.Back on track. Okuni and her sister were sold at a young age and our Catwoman began her life of crime in order to protect her sister from a life of prostitution. I would say that the concept of sex slaves is outdated, but it is still a big issue today. Taken wasn’t made just so we could quote Liam Neeson. After a short time on the run, Okuni’s sister died. With nowhere else to go, Otsu was born when she was taken in by a brothel in Shimabara. Neither Otsu nor Okuni is the real name of this lady. Otsu was the name that was given to her when the brothel first took her in. It was the name of a prostitute that had died recently. Obviously, this was a tough life and she ran. That was when Roman first found her. That didn’t turn out well and she was thrust back into prostitution. That was when she received the name Okuni. A world filled with lies and corruption. A world where men tell you that you should smile, but they really just want your body. This is a world that far too many people have to live in.They kind of left out the part where she joins the rebel forces, but that can be left for another time because the Helpers are ready for war.

The world of human servitude is not nearly as beautiful as this facade.

The world of human servitude is not nearly as beautiful as this facade.










Current Opinion of the Show:

The show is getting pretty good. Obviously, it can’t be all serious. There are still odd zombie experiments and the priestess has a Sailor Moon style transformation, but the plot is finally progressing at a good pace. War is about to break out and only our hero can stop them. Kind of cliché, but what else would they do? On Okuni, or whatever her real name is, the only way that she could be closer to DC’s Catwoman would be if she started flirting with Batman. All of that aside, the action is getting pretty nice. The preview for the next episode shows that Suzuki will get back in on the action so we may see a super powered team up. I am looking forward to Koharu’s reaction to finding out that she is of royal descent.

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