Impression – Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, Episode 11









Well, they explained Saeko’s understanding of love in a way that I did not expect. However, like with all of the curveballs that this anime throws at me, I really enjoyed it. Saeko used her experience as a game developer to judge the true feelings that these girls have for Eita. By the way, the games in question and gal and otome games, so Saeko writes a lot of love stories. That and her odd eating/sleeping habits make Saeko a pretty interesting character. That aside, things got really interesting with the girls. Of course, the three single ladies want to know what that “fake” stuff was all about, but Eita dodges the question with the skill of a true harem protagonist. Well, Saeko and Masuzu sure as hell don’t leave the issue alone because Saeko decides to test the love that each girl has for A-ta-kun. The girls take a quiz and their love ranks as follows:

1). Fuyuumi Ai

2). Harusaki Chiwa

3). Akishino Himeka

4). Natsukawa Masuzu

Honestly, that does make sense based on their characters. However, I still wonder how much of Masuzu’s act isn’t dedicated to telling herself that she doesn’t love Eita. She is definitely showing signs of falling for him, but her anti-love mentality is probably holding her back. All of this is speculation, but the story isn’t really telling me that I am wrong. I would argue that it is obvious, but saying that has made me look like an idiot before. I guess we will find out soon enough because the beach trip is going to be funded by Saeko’s company. They need girls to participate in a contest to show their love for their man and the girls will be joining the fun. I guess we are finally going to get that beach episode.

Saeko needs a PFP.

Saeko needs a PFP.









Current Opinion of the Show:

This show is getting pretty damn exciting with all of the girls truly fighting over Eita. I guess I didn’t mention that Ai yelled out that she loves Eita. Also, Saeko said that she would stamp a marriage license for Eita and the winner of the contest, but that was probably just to amp them up. However, it definitely caught Ai’s attention who tried to find Eita’s stamp and “forge” his agreement. Well, the three girls with love on the brain are fighting hard for Eita and Masuzu seems to want to just keep her charade going. Even though Masuzu continues to talk about being anti-love, she seems to make me like the idea of her being with Eita more and more with every episode. Eita worries about her and their pact should be forming into something more soon enough. I am really excited to see how Masuzu handles this contest. On a side note, can we have a moment of silence for Kaoru. […] Good, our friend can’t compete with these ladies. They all but declared that Eita’s best friend is gay and in love with him. Poor guy.

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