Impression: Tamako Market – Episode 11


Episode 11 – “Who Knew She’d Be a Princess?”

With the revelation that Tamako is possibly the prince’s fated bride, things get heated in this episode. Well, as heated as possible for this show I suppose. We get a flashback of the conversation between Dera, Choi, and the prince Mechya prior to Dera’s departure for Japan. It shows that Mechya was hesitant to let Dera travel by himself (for good reason as we see now), but Choi insists because its the island’s custom to find the princess this way.

Word spreads like wildfire that Tamako is going off to get married and understandably everyone is concerned for her. Tamako, however, seems to be more interested in getting a shopping medal for filling out 100 Usagiyama stamp cards. This could just be her way with dealing with the sudden shock of possibly leaving home forever, though. That’s a lot of pressure to place on a teenage girl! Even everyone around her, from her friends to her father, feels a bit down due to the news. The shop owners hold a meeting to discuss how to handle the situation and agree that they only wish for the best for Tamako. As long as she’s happy, they’re happy. That’s all anyone can ever really wish for, isn’t it?


We actually get to see Tamako get upset in this episode, too. Okay, so she doesn’t really get mad, but she does start whisper-yelling. No one seems to consider how she feels about getting married, and she feels that everyone wants to see her leave. The next morning, Tamako discovers that her beloved medal is gone and runs around the shopping district to find it. Who should end up having it but… Prince Mechya! What a twist!

Next week is already the final episode. How far we have come, indeed. I honestly still have no idea how they plan to wrap things up, but somehow I don’t think I’ll be satisfied. There feels like a lot more can be done still, and I want to see more. There’s always the possibility of a sequel, but I don’t know how good KyoAni is about continuing series.



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