Impression – Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, Episode 12









I must say that I really liked all of the female candidates and that they put up a good fight. However, it is now pretty clear that Masuzu just won this harem battle. I say female candidates because we don’t know Kaoru well enough to make him a serious candidate. Oh well, there could be a second season even though it feels like things will wrap up quite nicely in the next episode. Eita and Masuzu try to fake their relationship on the beach trip, but I act better than they do which is saying something. I mean, poorly executed dialogue about cliché walks down the beach is not how you prove your relationship. Obviously, they act plenty romantic when the other girls aren’t watching with the kissing and the claiming of territory. The whole putting a towel over the very uncomfortable Masuzu’s head at the beach was quite the action. I bet anyone would be uncomfortable when stared at like that, but the vicious stares that Eita got after the act may have been even more intense. The thing that really got to me was the fact that Masuzu is about to cut off her deal with Eita. Ai called out Masuzu saying that if she is just using Eita to avoid attention that she will never forgive her. That, and the kindness that the girls showed Masuzu has resulted in her gaining some odd feelings. The entire thing ended by Masuzu showing Eita the journal entry that stated his desire to heal Chiwa and she apologized for stealing Eita away from the little lady. Come on, we all know that Eita and Masuzu were slowly getting closer, but we didn’t really know why she continued to be as cold as she was. Well, we found out from her sister that Masuzu has had to act her entire life as part of her father’s public image. Her sister said that this drove her crazy and that Masuzu began to forget what was the act and what was the real her. Well, Eita now knows what he needs to do. I just hope that it isn’t too late.

Not the "melons" that were promised.

Not the “melons” that were promised.












Current Opinion of the Show:

I am way too excited to see what happens in next week’s season finale. I say season, but it is most likely the series finale from what I can tell. Obviously, Eita has chosen Masuzu because of the very sentimental talk that he had with her sister that reminded him that he has enjoyed his time with her. Eita cares for Masuzu and I am guessing that we will be getting a genuine romantic act in the next episode. It is a little unfortunate that the other girls have been pushed back like that because they are great characters, but in a world where there are winners, there will always be losers. Things weren’t all serious because the classic blindfolded watermelon smashing got a little figurative in the melon department. Eita wasn’t given a stick and it became clear very quickly that each girl was after an embrace. Masuzu won that contest which I think is a little bit of foreshadowing for the real conclusion. I love the comedy, but I am really looking forward to the romance in Oreshura’s finale.

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