News: KyoAni to Adapt the Light Novel Series “Kyoukai no Kanata” into Anime

KyoAni’s latest project appears to be an adaptation of a light novel series called Kyoukai no Kanata, which means “Beyond the Horizon,” and is already shaping up to be an entirely different tone than what we’re used to seeing from the production company thus far. While I love what KyoAni has been doing lately (they do it quite well), it’s nice to see a change of pace from time to time. The story follows Akihito Kanbara who is half human and half youmu, possessing regenerative powers (Bakemonogatari?). He meets a girl named Mirai, who has the power to manipulate blood, as she apparently is preparing to jump from the school roof.

The light novel series was published KyoAni itself last year, much like Chuunibyou was, and the video above is a commercial advertising for its release. I imagine that the animation for the series will look something similar though. However, it appears that KyoAni doesn’t want to let SHAFT monopolize the fantastical, spirit school genre with the Monogatari series. While the story synopsis seems quite serious and dark, I get the feeling that it’ll come around to being a normal, light-hearted KyoAni series. Maybe. I love that this series will keep me guessing, though.

Official site:


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