Impression – Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W, Episode 01

All she wants is Mahiro's love.

All she wants is Mahiro’s love.








As I was watching this episode, I wondered why I chose to cover it. Then I realized that I was the only one that watched the first season. I can’t really explain why I decided to watch Nyaruko in the first place. It wasn’t a guilty pleasure or anything like that, but I even watched all of the spin-offs. Oh well, it is because of that I entered this new season prepared for even the most ridiculous stuff. Given, it still got to me at times, but I knew what I was getting into. Heads up, watch season one before starting this series. The “W” may not be a dead giveaway, but this is the second season of the series. The spin-offs don’t have necessary information, but I remember one of them being entertaining. Onto the actual episode at hand. The series has pretty much stayed the same. You have two girls and a guy that acts like a girl living with Mahiro. Mahiro is a human and the three new occupants are members of the Cthulhu Mythos that are masquerading as humans. Nyaruko and Kuuko are agents that try to stop illegal alien activities, but the bulk of their time is spent making jokes, playing games, and making sexual advances on Mahiro. Nothing special really happened in this episode. Nyaruko tried to have sex with Mahiro a bunch of times while Kuuko and Hasta stopped them. There were a lot of references made whether it was the Men in Black style memory erasing or the manga shop that was full of Oreshura posters and manga. This is a parody series, so we will get both eastern and western culture references. They introduced stuff like alien amazon and iPhones in this episode. I guess it was a nice change of pace from the flip phones that every single anime character ever owns. I mean, maybe it is a cultural thing, but I don;t remember the last time I saw a teenager with a flip phone. I guess we got more of the same, but I wish that the first episode was a little more eventful.

I guess we already have an established cast of characters.

I guess we already have an established cast of characters.










I was planning on saying that we should already know about the characters even if they weren’t shown in the first episode, but we basically got to see all of the characters that matter. Mahiro Yasaka is the main character and a human. Once again we have our “kind+common sense=anime protagonist” formula going on. Unfortunately, this kindness has led to his house becoming a hotel for aliens that he has to control with a deadly fork. Nyaruko is a Nyarlotephian even though she is currently assuming the form of a high school girl. Her work as what is basically an intergalactic police officer has led her to a mission that has her protecting Mahiro. The girl is very energetic and the only think she loves more than Otaku culture is Mahiro. Kuuko is a Cthuko although she is masquerading as a high school girl. Kuuko is a more low energy character and she spends a great deal of time playing video games. Even though she claims to be in love with Nyaruko, she has also displayed some romantic affection for Mahiro. Hasta is a Hastur that is masquerading as a high school boy. The little guy is a trap character that is in love with Mahiro. Hasta’s meek demeanor makes the trap even more deadly than usual. Those are our main characters. This group gets most of the screen time as the three aliens end up saving Mahiro from kidnappings and making sexual advances on him afterwards. Tamao Kurei and Takehiko Yoichi are classmates of our main characters. They are both friends with Mahiro and they stay oddly calm amidst all of the odd situations that the aliens have brought. Tamao is very helpful when it comes to bringing Mahiro and Nyaruko closer together. Yoriko Yasaka is a deity hunter that is also Mahiro’s mom. Although she spends her time hunting evil deities, she is fine with the ones living in her house. Mahiro gets his fork skills from his mother. Those are the slightly less important characters and everyone else isn’t really worth mentioning at this point in time. I don’t think we will get too many new characters in this season because the cast is already getting pretty crowded for the type of series that Nyaruko is.

I need to buy some more manga.

I need to buy some more manga.








Current Opinion of the Show:

Did you like the first season of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san? Well, you will probably like this season. We have more of the same humor which I do find entertaining. The parodies are probably my favorite part of the series. I am quite the fan of well executed parodies and I think that this series does it better than most. The references to western culture is something that we don’t see very often and I enjoy that as a resident of the United States. This isn’t the kind of series that will blow you away with its quality or make any sort of top ten list, but I do think that this will be a fun comedy to watch during a season that seems to have a lot of heavy hitters running around. If nothing else, it looks really nice. I would like to reiterate that you need to watch the first season for Nyaruko if you plan on watching this series. It isn’t that long, but what is there is important. You don’t have to watch the side series, but they are nice. I plan on  continuing this series and I am looking forward to Mahiro making some progress with Nyaruko because she is the only serious contender in the series.

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