Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – Master Post

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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge (Media Factory) – Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen

Don’t be fooled by the romantic facade because this series is full of death.

Episode Impressions:

Ep. 01 – “-Sleeping Princess-“

Ep. 02 – “-Portrait of Heresy-“

Ep. 03 – “-Cross the Thunder Clouds-“

Ep. 04 – “-Where is the Visitor?”

Ep. 05 – “-Before the Game-“

Ep. 06 – “-Waltz Under the Stars-“

Ep. 07 – “-The Silver Coins of Balance-“

Ep. 08 – “-Party Chopper-“

Ep. 09 – “-Lyrical Night Flight-“

Ep. 10 – “-Standing Babetion-“

Ep. 11 – “-Red Rising-“

Ep. 12 – “-The Forbidden Game-“

Ep. 13 – “-Grayland is in the House-“

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