Impression – Suisei no Gargantia, Episode 02

You always need a hostage.








I just want to start out by saying that I can’t seem to gather myself after watching episode two of Suisei no Gargantia. Honestly, I had high hopes for this series, but what I just saw blew me away. Before I go any further, I would like to say that I called it when it came to the whole pirates thing. Given, that wasn’t a tough prediction to make, but it always feels nice to be right. Onto the episode itself, we got something that I really enjoyed to start things off. Chamber has started to refine its analysis of the language that the people of Earth speak. Neither the Earthlings nor Red speak Japanese, but the Japanese itself is used because I doubt that you would want to run subtitles for two different languages when it is easier to switch off from having the two sides being understandable. I actually really enjoyed how the dialogue between Red and Amy functioned. It had your classic translation thing going on and Amy chose the dialogue route rather than the capture route. Given, there is no way that the people of Gargantia could capture Red. Everyone is still on guard because of the whole unknown intruder thing, but Amy is playing her role as mediator pretty well. We also meet her brother who believes this legend of people living in the stars. I enjoyed this part of the episode for a few reasons. The first is that the exodus to the stars is still believed by some people. I like the fact that Red will probably become a means for this professor to prove that his theories are true. The other thing that I liked was the fact that Amy’s brother was pale. Before you call me a racist, I like this because it confirmed a few things for me. I liked the fact that the animators gave the characters a darker complexion because that is an inevitability when you live life the way that they do out on a boat. The sick brother being pale because he is stuck inside confirms that it is probably the reasoning behind the skin color choice. After that, we have the pirate attack. I liked the fact that we were getting some action, but I was scared when it was pirates. My fears were confirmed when a woman was partially stripped because rape is a horrible thing that is associated with pirates. Luckily, Amy asked for Red’s help and he used his mech to eliminate the threat. Crisis averted, but things do not look so good. The reactions of Bellows, Ridgett, Amy, and the rest imply that they are not too thrilled by what just transpired.

I am very glad that the pirate attack was stopped.

I am very glad that the pirate attack was stopped.











Current Opinion of the Show:

I am on the Suisei no Gargantia bandwagon. In fact, hand over the reins because I am driving this bad boy. I can hardly describe how much I enjoyed what I just watched. The way that Amy communicated with Red was expected, but the way in which it transpired felt very real to me. The explanation for how the ships gain electricity by coming into contact with creatures that have been struck by lightning seems odd, but the beauty of the sea galaxy was something that was truly inspired. Then we get the pirate attack that got way too real with the attempted sexual assault and Red showing off what he is made of. Honestly, I think that the story does function better with the disturbed reactions that they members of Gargantia displayed, rather than seeing a crowd of cheering people. I think that it will lead to an attack on the mentality that has been forced onto Red as a career soldier. Life is probably much more valuable to these people than it is to the robotically trained members of the Galactic Alliance. Overall, I just can’t seem to not be in awe of the fabulous writing that I have just experienced. I guess that this is another series that is being simulcast online and that means I will not be waiting for the official releases to be subbed. The quality of what I saw was good enough for me and I will be covering this series based on each episode’s earliest release. I don’t think that I can wait another week to see the next episode of this series because I desperately need to see how Red is received after that display that was given to the people of Gargantia.

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