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Mushibugyou (Seven Arcs) – Genre: Martial Arts, Shounen, Supernatural

Giant bugs have taken over Edo and warriors from around Japan have been called in to help the extermination process.

Episode Impressions:

Ep. 01 – “Here Comes Tsukishima Jinbei!”

Ep. 02 – “My Rival is Female Ninja, Hibachi!”

Ep. 03 – “The Killer of 99, Koikawa Shingiku”

Ep. 04 – “Ichinotani Tenma, I Can Do It!”

Ep. 05 – “Mugai: What Solitary Eyes See”

Ep. 06 – “The Hot Guy Beneath the Mask: Nagatomimaru”

Ep. 07 – “Summer War in Edo”

Ep. 08 – “Mitsuki’s Honey Trap”

Ep. 09 – “The Insect Hunters Attack!! Battle of Hachijo Island!!”

Ep. 10 – “Kuroageha Arrives”

Ep. 11 – “Jinbei’s Power Awakens!!”

Ep. 12 – “Training With Father! The Thirty-Six Blades of Fuji!!”

Ep. 13 – “We’ll Show You Everything!! The Edo Women’s Bath!!”

Ep. 14 – “Insect!? Man!? A Mysterious Enemy Attacks!”

Ep. 15 – “To Kishuu! The Ten Crucifix Insects of Sanada Appear!”

Ep. 16 – “The Cool Guy in Glasses Lectures on Right and Wrong”

Ep. 17 – “Sanada Yukimura’s Trap! Caught in a Net!!”

Ep. 18 – “The Insect Magistrate’s Office Arrives!”

Ep. 19 – “He Shed His Skin!? The Insect-Men’s True Form!!”

Ep. 20 – “Dream of the Butterfly”

Ep. 21 – “The Compassion Slash that Cuts G!!”

Ep. 22 – “Who is Righteous!? Tenma and Justice!”

Ep. 23 – “My Life’s Greatest Task”

Ep. 24 – “The Insect Magistrate’s Cursed Past”

Ep. 25 – “The Promise is Hope Within Despair”

Ep. 26 – “Tsukishima Jinbei is Here!!”

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