Impression – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Episode 02

I was expecting a romantic comedy.










I want to start this off by saying that this series is full of sick ass people. Apparently, the owners of killing goods are called authors and there is a curse on these goods much like the one on Iwai’s hair. It turns out that being an author can lead to the destruction of one’s mental state. The killing goods will invade your mind and try to force you into becoming a serial killer. You will have to silence a voice with an insatiable blood lust. Refusing to appease these urges can force you to go insane. Once you are insane, I assume that your damaged ,mind will easily be taken over by the curse and you will become a murderer. The thing is, everyone wants Iwai dead. The person that is in control of a killing good and successfully kills the Hair Queen will have one wish granted to them. Innocent people are caught up in this murder game due to their ancestors and it seemed that it would have been a race to take out Iwai, but Kiri kind of threw a wrench into that one. There is an organization that enjoys the aftermath of murder and has taken in Iwai in the hopes that an author would come along that wanted to protect her. Kiri exists to fill that role and he is now tasked with taking on the other authors in a kill or be killed death game where a bunch of twisted people watch over the competitors with glee. The Professor is the member of this group that took in Iwai with some possible ulterior motives. The dude is a pedophile and this probably prepared Iwai for the shared hair fetish in the class that she just entered. Add that to the fact that the Byouinzaka twins are incestuously close and you have enough fan service for the sickest of individuals. It is probably the concept of Insteads that intrigues me the most. Houko lets Yamane inject her with saline to simulate murder and Kiri cuts Iwai’s hair. The Insteads help dull the urge to kill by allowing the author to simulate murder. Damn, put the love story on the back burner because I can’t handle all of these crazy people.

I guess that we are going to be getting some of this in the near future.

I guess that we are going to be getting some of this in the near future.











Current Opinion of the Show:

I am a little put off right now. I will admit that the writing is pretty good and I have been waiting on a new death game since last year had two pretty interesting ones in Mirai Nikki and Another, but this is odd to say the least. All of these fetishes and sick individuals have been thrown out far too soon for me to adjust to the story. Given, I may not be the target audience for a series like this, but I still think that it is a bit much. I guess we are getting a real fight in the next episode. I only say that because you can’t really call what happened in the first episode a fight. Kiri drew some blood and Yamane would have killed both Kiri and Iwai if it wasn’t for obvious plot armor. I kept thinking during that ordeal that they couldn’t kill off the main characters this quickly, but I hated their death cheat. The sisters didn’t even turn out to be good guys. Houko wants to have Yamane kill Iwai in order to use the wish to lift the curse from her sister, but they missed their best chance to do so. I would rather Kiri miraculously hold them off until Professor intervened. I guess the explanation is that they rely on the organization since the Byouinzaka twins are orphans, but I still don’t like what went down. Also, on Kiri’s ability to fight these murderers, I guess the explanation will be that authors can move instinctively due to the curse on their killing goods, but that just seems like a cop-out to keep the story short. I have some issues thus far, but I do think that this is a nice anime that fills a need few series try to address. I look forward to seeing a real fight between authors.

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